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2014Attributional beliefs of Singapore students: Relations to self-construal, competence, and achievement goalsLuo, Serena Wenshu; Hogan, David; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Sheng, Yee Zher; Aye, Khin Maung
2015Civic capital models: Comparison of primary and secondary students in the Singapore Education SystemReyes, Vicente C.; Kang, Trivina ; Hogan, David
2015Construction of political society and political interest in secondary students in SingaporeReyes, Vicente C.; Kang, Trivina ; Hogan, David
Apr-2005CRPP core research program: Year one progress reportLuke, Allan; Hogan, David; Gopinathan, Saravanan; Freebody, Peter; Cazden, Courtney; Koh, Kim Hong; Liau, Albert; Lau, Shun; Kang, Trivina; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese
Apr-2006CRPP core research program: Year two progress reportHogan, David; Luke, Allan; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese; Lau, Shun; Liau, Albert; Koh, Kim Hong; Kang, Trivina; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim; Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat
Apr-2006Cultural capital and academic achievement: How does "high culture" matter in Singapore?Kang, Trivina ; Hogan, David
2011Do performance goals promote learning? A pattern analysis of Singapore students' achievement goalsLuo, Serena Wenshu; Hogan, David; Paris, Scott G.; Luo, Zhiqiang
Jul-2011Educational knowledge mobilization and utilization in SingaporeHogan, David; Teh, Laik Woon; Dimmock, Clive A. J.
Mar-2008Explaining exam anxiety in Singaporean students: the influence of family, pedagogical and individual characteristicsGoh, Hui Chin; Hogan, David; Kang, Trivina 
2-Jun-2011Instructional tasks in mathematics classes in SingaporeHogan, David; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim
2020Life pathway analysis projectChan, Melvin Chee Yeen ; Hogan, David; Kang, Trivina 
Apr-2006Negotiating high modernity: life goals and aspirations of Singaporean adolescentsChan, Melvin Chee Yeen ; Hogan, David
2013Parenting behaviors and learning of Singapore students: The mediational role of achievement goalsLuo, Serena Wenshu; Aye, Khin Maung; Hogan, David; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Chan, Melvin Chee Yeen 
Mar-2008Pedagogical practice, learning environment, and academic achievementZhu, Yan; Yong, Grace Li Ann; Kang, Trivina ; Hogan, David
2011Predicting Singapore students’ achievement goals in their English study: Self-construal and classroom goal structureLuo, Serena Wenshu; Hogan, David; Paris, Scott G.
2011The role of rhetorical knowledge in English language learningFatema Anis Hussain; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) ; Hogan, David; Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat ; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim
2014Self-construal and students’ math self-concept, anxiety and achievement: An examination of achievement goals as mediatorsLuo, Serena Wenshu; Hogan, David; Tan, Liang See; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Chan, Melvin Chee Yeen