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2020Assessing Singapore students’ creative and critical thinking: A preliminary studyNing, FloraFong, Raymond Chang ChongHong, HelenTeh, Laik Woon
2014A contextualized account of holistic education in Finland and Singapore: Implications on Singapore educational contextLee, Daphnee Hui LinHong, HelenNiemi, Hannele
2014Creative and critical thinking in Singapore schoolsChiam, Ching LeenHong, HelenNing, FloraTay, Wan Ying
2017Culturally relevant education for a multicultural SingaporeHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenHong, HelenGilbert, Connor
2017Developing an assessment of teamworkKoh, ElizabethHong, Helen
Mar-2017Developing professional competency in a CSCL environment for teamwork: Two TPACK case studies of teachers as co-designersKoh, ElizabethHong, Helen
Apr-2014Does bullying at school predict student academic performance? Evidence from 65 countriesKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Shaljan AreepattamannilLee, Daphnee Hui LinHong, HelenSu, Robyn Hing Chun
2020Exploring teamwork beliefs and competencies in technology-enabled 21st century classroomsKoh, ElizabethHong, Helen
2018Formatively assessing teamwork in technology-enabled twenty-first century classrooms: Exploratory findings of a teamwork awareness programme in SingaporeKoh, ElizabethHong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2017The influence of individual and contextual variables on teachers’ understanding and classroom practice of media literacyWeninger, CsillaHong, HelenKoh, Elizabeth
2020Measuring and nurturing teamwork competency through a computer-supported creative collaborative problem-solving programme.Koh, ElizabethLee, Shu-ShingCaleon, Imelda S.Hong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-LingTee, Yi HuanDhivya SureshLek, Hsiang Hui
2015Parent engagement in educationManzon, MariaMiller, RifhanHong, HelenKhong, Lana Yiu Lan
2016A pedagogical framework for learning analytics in collaborative inquiry tasks: An example from a teamwork competency awareness programKoh, ElizabethShibani, AntonetteTan, Jennifer Pei-LingHong, Helen
2004Perceptual preferences and performance on different tasks types of primary six pupilsHong, Helen
2015Professional learning communities: A movement for teacher-led professionalismLee, Daphnee Hui LinTay, Wan YingHong, Helen
2020A review of the literature on teacher policies in high performing education systems: Implications for SingaporeKoh, ElizabethKwek, Dennis Beng KiatHong, HelenCostes-Onishi, Pamela GraceChua, Paul Meng-Huat
2020Teacher leadership in technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK): A social network analysisHong, Helen
2018A teacher-led interpretation of the teacher growth model an inquiry into the professional identity of Singapore teachersTan, Liang SeeHong, HelenWong, Hwei MingNg, Eileen, LitingMohammud ShahrinKoh, Daryl, Yong HweeAsmah Beevi A KamaludinNg, Yin SuanPang, Arlene, Xuehui
Jun-2016Teamwork in the balance: Exploratory findings of teamwork competency patterns in effective learning teamsKoh, ElizabethShibani, AntonetteHong, Helen
2017Transforming teaching through collaborative reflection: A Singaporean caseLoh, Jason Kok KhiangHong, HelenKoh, Elizabeth