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2022Advancing multidisciplinary STEM education with mathematics for future-ready quantum algorithmic literacyHow, Meng Leong
2019Artificial intelligence-enabled predictive insights for ameliorating global malnutrition: A human-centric AI-thinking approachHow, Meng Leong; Chan, Yong Jiet
2020Artificial intelligence-enhanced decision support for informing global sustainable development: A human-centric Ai-Thinking approachHow, Meng Leong; Cheah, Sin Mei; Chan, Yong Jiet; Khor, Aik Cheow; Say, Eunice Mei Ping
2020Artificial intelligence-enhanced predictive insights for advancing financial inclusion: A human-centric AI-thinking approachHow, Meng Leong; Cheah, Sin Mei; Khor, Aik Cheow; Chan, Yong Jiet
2019Educational stakeholders’ independent evaluation of an artificial intelligence-enabled adaptive learning system using bayesian network predictive simulationsHow, Meng Leong; Hung, David 
2019Educing AI-thinking in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) educationHow, Meng Leong; Hung, David 
2019Future-ready strategic oversight of multiple artificial superintelligence-enabled adaptive learning systems via human-centric explainable AI-empowered predictive optimizations of educational outcomesHow, Meng Leong
2019Harnessing entropy via predictive analytics to optimize outcomes in the pedagogical system: An artificial intelligence-based bayesian networks approachHow, Meng Leong; Hung, David 
2020Predictive insights for improving the resilience of global food security using artificial intelligenceHow, Meng Leong; Chan, Yong Jiet; Cheah, Sin Mei
2018Student questioning tendencies and learning performances in a classroom inquiry curriculum: An SEM analysisWu, Longkai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; How, Meng Leong; He, Sujin
2020Teacher’s perceptions and readiness to teach coding skills: A comparative study between Finland, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South KoreaWu, Longkai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Multisilta, Jari; How, Meng Leong; Choi, Hyungshin; Hsu, Ting-Chia; Tuomi, Pauliina
2018Understanding and developing in-service teachers’ perceptions towards teaching in computational thinking: Two studiesWu, Longkai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Liu, Liu; How, Meng Leong
2018Using grey-based mathematical equations of decision-making as teaching scaffolds: From an unplugged computational thinking activity to computer programmingHow, Meng Leong; Looi, Chee-Kit