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2019Artificial intelligence-enabled predictive insights for ameliorating global malnutrition: A human-centric AI-thinking approachHow, Meng LeongChan, Yong Jiet
2020Artificial intelligence-enhanced decision support for informing global sustainable development: A human-centric Ai-Thinking approachHow, Meng LeongCheah, Sin MeiChan, Yong JietKhor, Aik CheowSay, Eunice Mei Ping
2020Artificial intelligence-enhanced predictive insights for advancing financial inclusion: A human-centric AI-thinking approachHow, Meng LeongCheah, Sin MeiKhor, Aik CheowChan, Yong Jiet
2019Educational stakeholders’ independent evaluation of an artificial intelligence-enabled adaptive learning system using bayesian network predictive simulationsHow, Meng LeongHung, David
2019Educing AI-thinking in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) educationHow, Meng LeongHung, David
2019Future-ready strategic oversight of multiple artificial superintelligence-enabled adaptive learning systems via human-centric explainable AI-empowered predictive optimizations of educational outcomesHow, Meng Leong
2019Harnessing entropy via predictive analytics to optimize outcomes in the pedagogical system: An artificial intelligence-based bayesian networks approachHow, Meng LeongHung, David
2020Predictive insights for improving the resilience of global food security using artificial intelligenceHow, Meng LeongChan, Yong JietCheah, Sin Mei
2020Teacher’s perceptions and readiness to teach coding skills: A comparative study between Finland, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South KoreaWu, LongkaiLooi, Chee-KitMultisilta, JariHow, Meng LeongChoi, HyungshinHsu, Ting-ChiaTuomi, Pauliina
2018Using grey-based mathematical equations of decision-making as teaching scaffolds: From an unplugged computational thinking activity to computer programmingHow, Meng LeongLooi, Chee-Kit