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Sep-2000Children’s home computer use: A study in a neighborhood schoolCheung, Wing SumHu, Chun
Dec-1999Connecting learners: Singapore’s multipoint desktop videoconferencing practicum projectSharpe, LeslieCoombs, StevenMoo, Swee NgohCrawford, LachlanHu, ChunGopinathan, Saravanan
Sep-2000Enhancing Multipoint Desktop Video Conferencing (MDVC) with lesson video clipsSharpe, LeslieHu, ChunCrawford, LachlanGopinathan, SaravananMoo, Swee NgohWong, Angela F. L.
Sep-2000Enhancing paradigm shift in teaching through use of eduPAD: A case studyLourdusamy, A.Wong, Philip Siew KoonHu, Chun
2001Impact of a hand-held wireless electronic device (eduPAD) on science and mathematics teaching-learning environmentLourdusamy, A.Hu, ChunWong, Philip Siew Koon
Dec-1999Improving multimedia design through formative evaluationHu, ChunCheung, Wing SumAng, Daniel B. S.
2000Multipoint desktop videoconferencing as a collaborative learning tool for teacher preparationSharpe, LeslieHu, ChunCrawford, LachlanGopinathan, SaravananMoo, Swee NgohWong, Angela F. L.
1999The pedagogic evaluation of eduPAD research projectWong, Philip Siew KoonCoombs, StevenHu, ChunHsu, JackieLourdusamy, A.
2001The pedagogical evaluation of the EduPAD projectWong, Philip Siew KoonHu, ChunLourdusamy, A.Fareed Wan
Dec-2001Perceived benefits of eduPAD in enhancing learningLourdusamy, A.Hu, ChunWong, Philip Siew Koon
Sep-2000School coordinating mentors in NIE’s partnership model: Networking using multipoint desktop video conferencingMoo, Swee NgohWong, Angela F. L.Crawford, LachlanHu, ChunSharpe, LeslieGopinathan, Saravanan
2003Students' views on the feedback used in Math ExplorerSeow, Joyce Chwee LoonHu, Chun
2004Supporting problem solving with case-stories learning scenario and video-based collaborative learning technologyHung, DavidTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Cheung, Wing SumHu, Chun
1999Teaching practice discourse and computer communications technology projectSharpe, LeslieHu, ChunCoombs, StevenCrawford, LachlanGopinathan, SaravananMoo, Swee Ngoh
2001Teaching practice discourse and computer communications technology projectSharpe, LeslieMoo, Swee NgohCrawford, LachlanGopinathan, SaravananHu, ChunMyint, Swe KhineWong, Angela F. L.
Sep-2000Use IT to present scenarios for problem-based learningHu, ChunWong, Philip Siew Koon
2002Use of computer technology in child care centersCheung, Wing SumHu, Chun
2001Using multi-point desk top video conferencing for the professional development of NIE trainee teachers on teaching practiceCrawford, LachlanGopinathan, SaravananHu, ChunMoo, Swee NgohKhine, Myint SweeSharpe, LeslieWong, Angela F. L.