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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2005Acquiring literacy skills in ESL: Singaporean children’s use of reading strategies in learning to read in EnglishZhang, Lawrence Jun; Gu, Peter Yongqi; Hu, Guangwei
2009Analyzing voice in the writing of Chinese teachers of EnglishSpalding, Elizabeth; Wang, Jian; Lin, Emily; Hu, Guangwei
2015Apprenticeship in scholarly publishing: A student perspective on doctoral supervisors’ rolesLei, Jun; Hu, Guangwei
2005Approaches to learning and reading strategy use of bilingual primary school pupilsRao, Zhenhui; Gu, Peter Yongqi; Zhang, Lawrence Jun; Hu, Guangwei
2015Biliteracy development: Metalinguistic knowledge and bilingual academic performanceCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan; Hu, Guangwei; Sun, Baoqi 
2011Can Chinese college EFL students’ recognize blatant and subtle plagiarism?Hu, Guangwei; Lei, Jun
2017Chinese management academics' English-medium scholarly experience: Comparative perspectives on overseas-trained and home-trained scholarsLi, Yongyan; Hu, Guangwei
2015Chinese university EFL teachers' perceptions of plagiarismLei, Jun; Hu, Guangwei
2015Chinese university students’ perceptions of plagiarismHu, Guangwei; Lei, Jun
Dec-2009The craze for English-medium education in China: Driving forces and looming consequencesHu, Guangwei
2015Disciplinary and paradigmatic influences on interactional metadiscourse in research articlesHu, Guangwei; Cao, Feng
Nov-2003Eliciting learning strategies from lower primary school students in SingaporeGu, Peter Yongqi; Hu, Guangwei; Zhang, Lawrence Jun
2002English language education in China, Japan, and SingaporeSilver, Rita ; Hu, Guangwei; Iino, Masakazu
Jul-2009English language learning strategies in Singapore primary schoolHu, Guangwei; Gu, Peter Yongqi; Zhang, Lawrence Jun; Bai, Rui
2014An ethnographic multiple-case study of mother-child interaction strategies in Singapore-based Chinese familiesRen, Li; Hu, Guangwei
1999Explicit metalinguistic knowledge at work : the case of spontaneous written production by formal adult Chinese learners of EnglishHu, Guangwei
2013Exploring the relationship between metacognitive awareness and listening performance with questionnaire dataGoh, Christine Chuen Meng ; Hu, Guangwei
2016The impact of disciplinary background and teaching experience on the use of evaluative language in teacher feedbackHu, Guangwei; Choo, Li Lin
2014Interactive metadiscourse in research articles: A comparative study of paradigmatic and disciplinary influencesCao, Feng; Hu, Guangwei
2014Is English-medium instruction effective in improving Chinese undergraduate students' English competence?Lei, Jun; Hu, Guangwei