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2018Building the science of research management - What can research management learn from education research?Huang, Jun SongHung, David
2015Can “less” create “more” in analogical reasoning?Huang, Jun SongManu Kapur
2018Cultivating laterality in learning communities – Scaling of innovation through a networked learning communityHuang, Jun SongHung, DavidKwan, Yew MengLim, Victor FeiImran Bin Haji Sha’ariCheah, Yin Hong
Jun-2016Designing learning contexts using student-generated ideasLam, Rachel JaneWong, Lung HsiangGaydos, MatthewHuang, Jun SongSeah, Lay HoonTan, Michael Lip ThyeManu KapurBielaczyc, KaterineSandoval, William
2017Facilitating boundary crossing for interdisciplinary research collaborationHuang, Jun Song
Jun-2016Investigating analogical problem posing as the generative task in the Productive Failure designHuang, Jun SongLam, Rachel JaneManu Kapur
2020Leadership in times of pandemics: Reflections from SingaporeHung, DavidHuang, Jun SongTan, Chloe
2014Learning innovation diffusion as a complex adaptive system : case studies on developing knowledge about and knowledge in doing for education leaders through cognitive conflictsHuang, Jun Song
Jul-2012Learning innovation diffusion as complex adaptive systems through model building, simulation, game play and reflectionsHuang, Jun SongManu Kapur
Oct-2008School leaders’ learning of diffusion of innovation through agent based modeling: Coupling modeling and simulation process with learners’ interaction with diffusion systemHuang, Jun SongChai, Ching SingChen, Der-Thanq
2011Towards a situative view of extending and scaling innovations in education: A case study of the six learning frameworkLim, Kenneth Yang TeckHung, DavidHuang, Jun Song