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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of PCSWMM to assess wastewater treatment and urban flooding scenarios in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: A tool to support eco-city planningIrvine, Kim N.Sovann, ChansopheaktraSuthipong, SthiannopkaoKok, SotheaChea, Eliyan
2014Application of PCSWMM to explore possible climate change impacts on surface flooding in a peri-urban area of Pathumthani, ThailandShrestha, AshishChaosakul, ThitiratPriyankara, Dedduwa P. M. P.Chuyen, Ly HongMyat, Su SuSyne, Nan KhamIrvine, Kim N.Koottatep, ThammaratBabel, Mukand Singh
2015Assessing lead contamination in Buffalo River sedimentsForsythe, K. W.Irvine, Kim N.Atkinson, D. M.Perrelli, M.Aversa, J. M.Swales, S. J.Gawedzki, A.Jakubek, D. J.
2016Assessing water vulnerabilities: Successes, failures, and missed opportunities in a Karen Hill Tribe Village on the Thailand-Myanmar borderIrvine, Kim N.Mische, N.Bowles, JosiahKoottatep, ThammaratPichadul, P.
2014Climate change resilience and public education in response to hydrologic extremes in SingaporeChang, Chew HungIrvine, Kim N.
2015Dynamic modeling to assess natural wetlands treatment of wastewater in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Towards an eco-city planning toolSovann, ChansopheaktraIrvine, Kim N.Suthipong, SthiannopkaoKok, SotheaChea, Eliyan
2015Editorial: Interactions between urbanization, climate variability and its impact on surface watersChua, Lloyd Hock ChyeIrvine, Kim N.
2016An exploratory application of remote sensing technologies and statistical analysis to provide rapid and cost effective inundation predictions for the Tonle Sap Lake floodplain systemElydia AzmanEu, Grace Yi YingLim, Yean Yue GladysSeah, YitingWu, B. S.Irvine, Kim N.
2015Exploratory assessment of SUDS feasibility in Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Basin, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamHo, Huu LocBabel, Mukand SinghWeesakul, SutatIrvine, Kim N.Pham, Minh Duyen
2014The four national taps of Singapore: A holistic approach to water resources management from drainage to drinking waterIrvine, Kim N.Chua, Lloyd Hock ChyeEikass, Hans S.
2015How high’s the water, Mama? A reflection on water resource education in SingaporeIrvine, Kim N.Seow, TriciaLeong, Ka WaiCheong, Diana Sze Ing
2015Leaded paint in Cambodia: Pilot-scale assessmentLim, SereyrathMurphy, ThomasWilson, KennethIrvine, Kim N.
2017Mathematical modeling of effluent quality of Cha-Am municipality wastewater treatment pond system using PCSWMMBhowmick, AnuvaIrvine, Kim N.Jindal, Ranjna
2016Mathematical modelling of wastewater collection system in Cha-Am municipality using PCSWMMHtun, ThawtarIrvine, Kim N.Jindal, Ranjna
2015Mercury contamination of skin-whitening creams in Phnom Penh, CambodiaMurphy, ThomasKim, SotheaPrean ChanraLim, SereyrathWilson, KennethIrvine, Kim N.Slotton, Darell G.Allen, Lori
2016Metal contamination in low-cost jewelry and toys in CambodiaMurphy, ThomasLim, SereyrathKim, SotheaIrvine, Kim N.Chaiwat, WithwetinWilson, Kenneth
2016Modeling stormwater runoff from an urban park, Singapore using PCSWWMIrvine, Kim N.Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
2017Spatial and temporal variations of dissolved oxygen in Cha-Am municipality wastewater treatment ponds using GIS Kriging interpolationKoko, ShwesinIrvine, Kim N.Jindal, RanjnaThongdara, Romanee
2018Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigationsSeow, TriciaIrvine, Kim N.
2020Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigationsSeow, TriciaIrvine, Kim N.