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2009Designing an online video based platform for teacher learning in SingaporeSo, Hyo-Jeong; Lossman, Hans; Lim, Wei Ying; Jacobson, Michael J.
Jul-2007Emergence of learning in computer-supported, large-scale collective dynamics: A research agendaManu Kapur; Hung, David ; Jacobson, Michael J.; Voiklis, John; Kinzer, Charles K.; Chen, Der-Thanq 
Jun-2009Failures and successes in collaborative inquiry: Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based modelsPathak, Suneeta Anil; Kim, Beaumie; Jacobson, Michael J.; Zhang, Baohui
Jun-2010Learning as an emergent phenomenon: Methodological implicationsManu Kapur; Jacobson, Michael J.
Oct-2008Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based models: The paradox of productive failurePathak, Suneeta Anil; Jacobson, Michael J.; Kim, Beaumie; Zhang, Baohui; Deng, Feng
Jun-2010Ontologies as scale free networks: Implications for theories of conceptualManu Kapur; Jacobson, Michael J.
Jun-2008Teachers’ beliefs about knowledge and learning: A Singapore perspectiveJacobson, Michael J.; So, Hyo-Jeong; Teo, Timothy; Lee, June; Pathak, Suneeta Anil
Jun-2014Towards a complex systems meta-theory of learning as an emergent phenomenon: Beyond the cognitive versus situative debateJacobson, Michael J.; Manu Kapur; Reimann, Peter
May-2006Using computer-based modelling for primary science learning and assessmentZhang, Baohui; Wong, Lung Hsiang ; Chew, Lee Chin ; Jacobson, Michael J.; Looi, Chee-Kit