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Jun-2016Analytics of social processes in learning contexts: A multi-level perspectiveRose, Carolyn P.; Gaesevic, Dragan; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Jo, Yohan; Tomar, Gaurav; Ferschke, Oliver; Erkens, Gijsbert; van Leeuwen, Anouschka; Janssen, Jeroen; Brekelmans, Mieke; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Koh, Elizabeth ; Caleon, Imelda S. ; Jonathan, Christin; Yang, Simon
2021CoVAAPD for enhancing teacher professional development in physical education.Koh, Elizabeth ; Jonathan, Christin; Phan, Joanna Swee Lee; Tay, Siu Hua; Chian, Zason Lit Khoon ; Chow, Jia Yi 
2017Enhancing students’ critical reading fluency, engagement and self-efficacy using self-referenced learning analytics dashboard visualizationsJonathan, Christin; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Koh, Elizabeth ; Caleon, Imelda S. ; Tay, Siu Hua
2022Examining the effectiveness of self-referenced and peer-referenced learning analytics dashboards in enhancing students' self-efficacy: Taking individual differences into accountJonathan, Christin; Koh, Elizabeth ; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2019Exploring conditions for enhancing critical thinking in networked learning: Findings from a secondary school learning analytics environmentKoh, Elizabeth ; Jonathan, Christin; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2017Learner dashboards a double-edged sword? Students’ sense-making of a collaborative critical reading and learning analytics environment for fostering 21st-century literaciesTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Koh, Elizabeth ; Jonathan, Christin; Yang, Simon
2022The scalability readiness of WiREAD+: Perspectives of learners from three educational contextsKoh, Elizabeth ; Lim, Fei Victor ; Munirah Shaik Kadir ; Jonathan, Christin; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2022Towards the scalability readiness of WiREAD+Koh, Elizabeth ; Jonathan, Christin; Lim, Fei Victor ; Munirah Shaik Kadir ; Tay, Siu Hua