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Nov-2009Avoiding the “prolonged agony” of studying for standardized national exams: At what price?Lim, Xuan-ShiTan, Jason, 1962-Kang, Trivina
2015Civic capital models: Comparison of primary and secondary students in the Singapore Education SystemReyes, VicenteKang, TrivinaHogan, David
2015Construction of political society and political interest in secondary students in SingaporeReyes, VicenteKang, TrivinaHogan, David
Apr-2005CRPP core research program: Year one progress reportLuke, AllanHogan, DavidGopinathan, SaravananFreebody, PeterCazden, CourtneyKoh, Kim HongLiau, Albert, 1972-Lau, ShunKang, TrivinaKramer-Dahl, Anneliese
Apr-2006CRPP core research program: Year two progress reportHogan, DavidLuke, AllanKramer-Dahl, AnnelieseLau, ShunLiau, Albert, 1972-Koh, Kim HongKang, TrivinaRidzuan Bin Abdul RahimKwek, Dennis Beng Kiat
Apr-2006Cultural capital and academic achievement: How does "high culture" matter in Singapore?Kang, TrivinaHogan, David
2017Educating for twenty-first century competencies and future-ready learners: Research perspectives from SingaporeTan, Jennifer Pei-LingChoo, Suzanne Shen LiKang, TrivinaLiem, Gregory Arief D.
Mar-2008Explaining exam anxiety in Singaporean students: the influence of family, pedagogical and individual characteristicsGoh, Hui ChinHogan, DavidKang, Trivina
Mar-2008Pedagogical practice, learning environment, and academic achievementZhu, YanYong, Grace Li AnnKang, TrivinaHogan, David
2020Profiles of antisocial behavior in school-based and at-risk adolescents in Singapore: A latent class analysisAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiLi, XiangHuan, Vivien Swee LengLiem, Gregory Arief D.Kang, TrivinaWong, QinyuenYeo, Jeanette Y. P.
Oct-2002Schools and post-secondary aspirations among female Chinese, Malay and Indian normal stream studentsKang, Trivina
2020Vice-principals in Singapore: Key leadership roles, enablers and constraints.Ho, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenKang, TrivinaImran Sha'ariKu, Daryl