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2013Burnout and its relations with basic psychological needs and motivation among athletes: A systematic review and meta-analysisLi, ChunxiaoWang, John C. K.Pyun, Do YoungKee, Ying Hwa
2019Competence, autonomy, and relatedness in the classroom: Understanding students’ motivational processes using the self-determination theoryWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChaiKee, Ying HwaChian, Lit Khoon
2015Effects of brief mindfulness induction on weakening habits: Evidence from a computer mouse control taskChong, Yek WeiKee, Ying HwaChaturvedi, Iti
2014An investigation of a formalized mentoring program for novice basketball coachesKoh, Koon TeckBloom, Gordon A.Fairhurst, Katherine E.Paiement, Dominique M.Kee, Ying Hwa
2012Mindfulness, movement control, and attentional focus strategies: Effects of mindfulness on a postural balance taskKee, Ying HwaChatzisarantis, NikosKong, Veni Pui WahChow, Jia YiChen, Lung Hung
2018Physical inactivity and activity patterns among Taiwanese secondary studentsKee, Ying HwaWang, John C. K.Chen, M. H.Saravana Pillai Arjunan
Jul-2013The power of now: Brief mindfulness induction led to increased randomness of clicking sequenceKee, Ying HwaChaturvedi, ItiWang, John C. K.Chen, Lung Hung
2006Relationship between mindfulness and the propensity of individuals to experience flowKee, Ying Hwa
2019Scoping review of mindfulness research: A topic modelling approachKee, Ying HwaLi, ChunxiaoKong, Leng CheeTang, Crystal JieyiChuang, Kuo-Liang
2016Silver lining winning silver: An exploratory study of supporters’ reaction and coping on the social media towards Lee Chong Wei’s London Olympics defeatKee, Ying HwaFry, Joan MarianWang, John C. K.Chong, Yek WeiLi, Chunxiao
2015Use of Facebook in physical activity intervention programme: Test of self-determination theoryWang, John C. K.Leng, Ho KeatKee, Ying Hwa
2015Why grateful adolescent athletes are more satisfied with their lives: The mediating role of perceived team cohesionChen, Lung HungKee, Ying HwaChen, Mei-Yen