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Oct-2015Anonymizing of video files: A user guideKogut, GalynaKwek, DennisSilver, Rita
Feb-2010Coding scheme for "The impact of negotiation for meaning on reading" (SOG) project : classroom observation and codingKogut, GalynaSilver, Rita
2015Comprehending reading comprehension: An intervention in P4 readingSilver, RitaPng, Jessie Lay HoonKogut, GalynaHuynh, Thi Canh Dien
2010Curriculum Implementation in Early Primary Schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS) : coding scheme manualSilver, RitaPak, SeungheeKogut, Galyna
2009Expanding the teaching repertoire: rethinking group work and language learningSilver, RitaKogut, GalynaRaslinda Ahmad RasidirHuynh, Thi Canh Dien
2009The impact of negotiation for meaning on reading comprehension among Singapore primary studentsSilver, RitaPng, Jessie Lay HoonRaslinda Ahmad RasidirFoong, Poh YiHuynh, Thi Canh DienKogut, Galyna
Nov-2015Knowledge of prior work and soundness of project: A review of the research on secondary analysis of research dataKwek, DennisKogut, Galyna
2016Managing the data lifecycle for research (cost-)effectivenessSilver, RitaKwek, DennisKogut, Galyna
Jun-2009Teacher talk, pedagogical talk and classroom activitiesKogut, GalynaSilver, Rita
2016Teacher understanding of and teacher concerns about questioning the author and negotiation for meaning (OER 09-10 RS & OER 40-12 RS)Kogut, GalynaHuynh, Thi Canh DienSilver, Rita