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2011Characterization of N-acylhomoserine lactone degrading bacteria associated with the Zingiber officinale (ginger) rhizosphere: Co-existence of quorum quenching and quorum sensing in Acinetobacter and BurkholderiaChan, Kok GanAtkinson, SteveKalai MatheeSam, Choon KookSiri Ram ChhabraCamara, MiguelKoh, Chong LekWilliams, Paul
2012Characterization of quorum sensing and quorum quenching soil bacteria isolated from Malaysian tropical montane forestChong, Teik MinKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookChoo, Yeun MunYin, Wai FongChan, Kok Gan
2013Degradation of bacterial quorum sensing signaling molecules by the microscopic yeast Trichosporon loubieri isolated from tropical wetland watersWong, Cheng SiangKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookChen, Jian WoonChong, Yee MengYin, Wai FongChan, Kok Gan
2005A DNA science research and training programme for secondary school and junior college teachers and students on genetic polymorphisms in human, animals and plants in SingaporeGan, Yik YuenKoh, Chong LekSze, C. C.Chin, ChristineLum, ShawnTan, Timothy Ter MingGan, Leong HuatCheong, K. F.Wong, M. P. F.Davies, D.Tan, J.Ang, Diana Tiong JooCai, Y. Y.Micklos, D.
2005Genetic polymorphisms in mitochondrial DNA hypervariable regions I, II and III of the Malaysian populationLian, Lay HoongKoh, Chong Lek
2012N-acyl homoserine lactone production by Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from human tongue surfaceYin, Wai FongKathiravan PurmalChin, ShenyangChan, Xin YueKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookChan, Kok Gan
2013Plant-derived natural products as sources of anti-quorum sensing compoundsKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookYin, Wai FongTan, Li YingThiba KrishnanChong, Yee MengChan, Kok Gan
2012Quorum quenching bacillus sonorensis isolated from soya sauce fermentation brineYin, Wai FongTung, Hun JiatSam, Choon KookKoh, Chong LekChan, Kok Gan
2012Quorum quenching revisited: From signal decays to signalling confusionHong, Kar WaiKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookYin, Wai FongChan, Kok Gan
2013Short chain N-acyl homoserine lactone production by soil isolate Burkholderia sp. strain A9Chan, Jian WoonKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookYin, Wai FongChan, Kok Gan
2012Unusual long-chain N-acyl homoserine lactone production by and presence of quorum quenching activity in bacterial isolates from diseased Tilapia fishChang, Chien YiKoh, Chong LekSam, Choon KookChan, Xin YueYin, Wai FongChan, Kok Gan