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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The coaching behavior scale for sport: Factor structure examination for Singaporean youth athletesKoh, Koon TeckKawabata, MasatoMallett, Clifford
2017Creation, implementation, and evaluation of a values-based training program for sport coaches and physical education teachers in SingaporeKoh, Koon TeckCamiré, MartinBloom, Gordon A.Wang, John Chee Keng
2011Developmental pathways of Singapore’s high performance basketball coachesKoh, Koon TeckMallett, CliffordWang, John Chee Keng
1999Differences in behaviour and interactive decision-making between experienced and inexperienced basketball coaches in secondary schoolsKoh, Koon Teck
2014Differences in daily step counts among primary, secondary, and junior college studentsWang, John Chee KengLiu, Woon ChiaKoh, Koon TeckLim, Carol Boon San
2011Discriminating factors between successful and unsuccessful teams: A case study in elite Youth Olympic basketball games.Koh, Koon TeckWang, John Chee KengMallett, Clifford
2020The efficacy of using mobile applications in changing adolescent girls’ physical activity behaviour during weekendsSeah, Carol Ming LiKoh, Koon Teck
2009Examining the ecological validity of the Coaching Behavior Scale (Sports) for basketballKoh, Koon TeckMallett, CliffordWang, John Chee Keng
2012Experience in competitive youth sport and needs satisfaction: The Singapore storyKoh, Koon TeckWang, John Chee KengErikson, KarlCôté, Jean
2014Gender and type of sport differences on perceived coaching behaviours, achievement goal orientations and life aspirations of youth Olympic games Singaporean athletesKoh, Koon TeckWang, John Chee Keng
2015A guided reflection intervention for high performance basketball coachesKoh, Koon TeckMallett, CliffordMartin, CamiréWang, John Chee Keng
2013Impact of an instructional programme in teaching values and character through PE and sportsKoh, Koon TeckOng, Shu Wen
2009An intra-individual analysis of players’ perceived coaching behaviours, psychological needs, and achievement goalsWang, John Chee KengKoh, Koon TeckChatzisarantis, Nikos
2014An investigation of a formalized mentoring program for novice basketball coachesKoh, Koon TeckBloom, Gordon A.Fairhurst, Katherine E.Paiement, Dominique M.Kee, Ying Hwa
2020Preservice physical education teachers’ perceptions of a flipped basketball course: Benefits, challenges, and recommendationsKoh, Koon TeckLi, ChunxiaoMukherjee, Swarup
2016Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the prosocial and antisocial behaviour in sport scaleLi, ChunxiaoKoh, Koon TeckGuo, Chiang
2015Sports participation and moral development outcomes: Examination of validity and reliability of the prosocial and antisocial behavior in sport scaleLi, ChunxiaoKoh, Koon TeckWang, John Chee KengChian, Zason Lit Khoon
2020Stakeholders’ perceptions and recommendations of a high school leadership development programme for athletes in SingaporeKoh, Koon TeckKoh, Morris Leong SengBloom, Gordon A.Loughead, Todd M.
2016Teacher burnout and teaching effectiveness in SingaporeWang, John Chee KengPyun, Do YoungKoh, Koon TeckKwon, Hyungil Harry
2020The use of information communication and technologies tools to maximise students' learning in physical education in Singapore schoolsKoh, Koon TeckKee, Ying HwaChow, Jia YiCamiré, Martin