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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2002Building towards an e-learning environment in the National Institute of EducationCheah, Horn MunKoh, Thiam Seng
2005Dataloggers and inquiry scienceTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeHedberg, John G.Koh, Thiam SengSeah, Whye Choo
2006Datalogging in Singapore schools: Supporting effective implementationsTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeHedberg, John G.Koh, Thiam SengSeah, Whye Choo
Jul-2005Datalogging: a unique affordance unrealized?Tan, Daniel Kim-ChweeHedberg, John G.Koh, Thiam SengSeah, Whye Choo
2008Digital skills and education: Singapore’s ICT master planning for the school sectorKoh, Thiam SengLee, Sai Choo
Nov-2003Fostering communities of practice through learning communitiesHung, DavidHedberg, John G.Tan, Seng Chee, 1965-Koh, Thiam Seng
2018Historical development of educational leadership in SingaporeHo, Jeanne MarieKoh, Thiam Seng
2018Inductive leadership: Activating community-oriented student agency towards school improvementChua, Paul Meng-HuatToh, YancyTan, Wee KwangHung, DavidKoh, Thiam Seng
Jul-1990An inquiry into “expert” chemistry teaching at the pre-university level in Singapore schoolsWong, Angela F. L.Koh, Thiam Seng
2006Integration of information technology in the Singapore school mathematics curriculumKoh, Thiam SengKoh, Ivy Yuen Choo
Nov-1996Internet for information and resources on chemistry and physicsKoh, Thiam SengCheah, Horn Mun
Nov-1998IT masterplan implementation at the National Institute of Education: An overviewKoh, Thiam Seng
2008Journeys in the learning sciences: The Singapore experienceKoh, Thiam SengHuang, DavidLim, Kenneth Yang TeckChen, Victor Der-ThanqHung, David
2018Leadership for change in Singapore schools: An introductionKoh, Thiam SengHung, David
Jun-2009On improving students’ understanding of the photoelectric effectChee, Yu PingMunirah Shaik KadirLim, Chim ChaiKoh, Thiam Seng
2004Singapore’s learning sciences lab: Seeking transformations in ICT-enabled pedagogyLooi, Chee-KitHung, DavidBopry, JeanetteKoh, Thiam Seng
2000Social-cultural perspectives of R & D in educational technologyHung, DavidKoh, Thiam SengChua, Chee Lay (蔡志礼), 1958-
2004A social-cultural view of information technology integration in school contextsHung, DavidKoh, Thiam Seng
2000Surfing the chemistry web: An introductory tutorialKoh, Thiam Seng
1996Surfing the world wide web for chemistry resources: an introductory tutorialKoh, Thiam Seng