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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013All-versus-nothing proof of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steeringChen, Jing-LingYe, Xiang-JunWu, ChunfengSu, Hong-YiCabello, AdánKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2004Asymmetric multipartite Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states and Bell inequalitiesGosal, DarwinKaszlikowski, DagomirKwek, Leong ChuanZukowski, MarekOh, Choo Hiap
2016Beating the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt and the Svetlichny games with optimal statesSu, Hong-YiRen, ChangliangChen, Jing-LingZhang, Fu-LingWu, ChunfengXu, Zhen-PengGu, MileVinjanampathy, SaiKwek, Leong Chuan
2008Bell inequalities for three particlesChen, Jing-LingWu, ChunfengKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2008Berry’s phase under the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionKwan, M. K.Gurkan, Zeynep NilhanKwek, Leong Chuan
2015Beyond Gisin’s theorem and its applications: Violation of local realism by two-party Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steeringChen, Jing-LingSu, Hong-YiXu, Zhen-PengWu, Yu-ChunWu, ChunfengYe, Xiang-JunZukowski, MarekKwek, Leong Chuan
1998Bures fidelity of displaced squeezed thermal statesKwek, Leong ChuanWang, Xiang-BinOh, Choo Hiap
2002Clauser-Horne inequality for three-state systemsKaszlikowski, DagomirKwek, Leong ChuanChen, Jing-LingZukowski, MarekOh, Choo Hiap
2018Cluster state generation in one-dimensional Kitaev honeycomb model via shortcut to adiabaticityKyaw, Thi HaKwek, Leong Chuan
2005Coherent eavesdropping attacks in quantum cryptography: Nonequivalence of quantum and classical key distillationKaszlikowski, DagomirLim, Jenn YangKwek, Leong ChuanEnglert, Berthold-Georg
2015Coherent superposition of current flows in an atomtronic quantum interference deviceAghamalyan, DavitCominotti, MarcoRizzi, MatteoRossini, DavideHekking, FrankMinguzzi, AnnaKwek, Leong ChuanAmico, Luigi
2004Coincidence Bell inequality for three three-dimensional systemsAcin, A.Chen, Jing-LingGisin, N.Kaszlikowski, DagomirKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo HiapZukowski, Marek
2020Constant depth fault-tolerant Clifford circuits for multi-qubit large block codesZheng, Yi-CongLai, Ching-YiBrun, Todd A.Kwek, Leong Chuan
2005Continuous multipartite entangled state in Wigner representation and violation of the Zukowski-Brukner inequalityWu, ChunfengChen, Jing-LingKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo HiapXue, Kang
2008Correlation-function Bell inequality with improved visibility for three qubitsWu, ChunfengChen, Jing-LingKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2015Creation of quantum error correcting codes in the ultrastrong coupling regimeKyaw, Thi HaHerrera-Marti, David A.Solano, E.Romero, G.Kwek, Leong Chuan
2003Direct estimation of functionals of density operators by local operations and classical communicationAlves, Carolina MouraHorodecki, PawelOi, Daniel K. L.Kwek, Leong ChuanEkert, Artur K.
2002Direct estimations of linear and nonlinear functionals of a quantum stateEkert, Artur K.Alves, Carolina MouraOi, Daniel K. L.Horodecki, MichalHorodecki, PawelKwek, Leong Chuan
2020Dynamical quantum phase transitions and non-Markovian dynamicsKyaw, Thi HaBastidas, Victor M.Tangpanitanon, JirawatGuillermo, RomeroKwek, Leong Chuan
2013Effective dynamics of cold atoms flowing in two ring-shaped optical potentials with tunable tunnelingAghamalyan, DavitAmico, LuigiKwek, Leong Chuan