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Aug-2005Assessing Singapore students’ attitudes toward mathematics and mathematics learning: Findings from a survey of lower secondary studentsFan, LianghuoQuek, Khiok SengZhu, YanYeo, Shu MeiPereira-Mendoza, LionelLee, Peng Yee
2006Guest editorial: Mathematics for teaching or mathematics for teachers?Lee, Peng Yee
2007The influence of technology on the teaching and learning of mathematics in SingaporeAng, Keng ChengLee, Peng Yee
May-2002Mathematics through the lens of geometryLee, Peng Yee
2008Numerical integration on some special Henstock-Kurzweil integralsYang, Wei-ChiLee, Peng YeeDing, Xiaofeng
Dec-1999Problem-posing in teaching university algebraZhao, DongshengLee, Peng Yee
2012Real-life mathematics tasks: A Singapore experienceWong, Khoon YoongZhao, DongshengCheang, Wai KwongTeo, Kok MingLee, Peng YeeYen, Yeen PengFan, LianghuoTeo, Beng ChongQuek, Khiok SengSo, Hyo-Jeong
2001The role of metacognition in the learning of mathematics among low-achieving studentsLee, Ngan HoeChang, Agnes Shook CheongLee, Peng Yee
2011A Singapore case of lesson studyCheng, Lu PienLee, Peng Yee
2011Some principles and guidelines for designing mathematical disciplinary tasks for Singapore schoolsZhao, DongshengCheang, Wai KwongTeo, Kok MingLee, Peng Yee
1999Tertiary and junior college students’ attitude towards mathematicsLim-Teo, Suat KhohAhuja, O. P.Lee, Peng Yee
Dec-2001Trainee teachers’ reaction to the use of multiple intelligences in the mathematics classroomLee, Ngan HoeWong, Joon HwangChang, Agnes Shook CheongLee, Peng Yee
Nov-2008The use of multi comparison groups in quasi-experimental designsLee, Ngan HoeChang, Agnes Shook CheongLee, Peng Yee
Dec-1999Whither goes technologyLee, Peng Yee