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2012Authenticity in learning for the twenty-first century: Bridging the formal and informalHung, DavidLee, Shu-ShingLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2012Building relationships between schools and communities’ agencies: Crafting a programmatic proposalImran ShaariLee, Shu-Shing
2017The complexities in fostering critical thinking through school-based curriculum innovation: Research evidence from SingaporeTan, Liang SeeKoh, ElizabethLee, Shu-ShingLetchmi Devi PonnusamyTan, Keith Chiu Kian
2016Curriculum innovation and the nurturing of 21st century learnersTan, Liang SeeLee, Shu-ShingKoh, ElizabethLetchmi Devi PonnusamyQuek, Chwee GeokLiew, Poh YinTan, Ban HuatTan, Keith Chiu KianKoh, Lauren Kar Boon
2014Digital storytelling and the nature of knowledgeTan, Lip ThyeLee, Shu-ShingHung, David
2016Fostering creativity in the classroom for high ability students: Context does matterTan, Liang SeeLee, Shu-ShingLetchmi Devi PonnusamyKoh, ElizabethTan, Keith Chiu Kian
2012Is there an instructional framework for 21st century learning?Lee, Shu-ShingHung, David
Jan-2011Learning across contexts: How students regulate their learning in an informal contextLim, Seo HongHung, DavidKim, Mi SongAzilawati JamaludinLee, Shu-Shing
2013Moving forward: Key areas of educational research for the Asia PacificHung, DavidLee, Shu-ShingLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2015Proposing an educational scaling-and-diffusion model for inquiry-based learning designsHung, DavidLee, Shu-Shing
2017Scaling educational innovations in Singapore: The roles of policymakers, practitioners, and researchersHung, DavidLee, Shu-ShingWu, Longkai
2014A Singapore case study of curriculum innovation in the twenty-first century: Demands, tensions and deliberationsKoh, ElizabethLetchmi Devi PonnusamyTan, Liang SeeLee, Shu-ShingRamos, Maria Eloisa
2018Situating and contextualising professional development for sustained practice and learning in schoolLee, Shu-ShingTan, Liang See
2017Social influences on student perceptions of failure in learning design processes: Instructional implicationsTan, MichaelLee, Shu-ShingNg, Zhi Ying
2016A socio-cultural perspective to teacher adaptivity: The spreading of curricular innovations in Singapore schoolsLee, Shu-ShingHung, David
2012Sustaining research innovations in educational technology through communities of practiceHung, DavidLee, Shu-ShingLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2014Toward 21st century learning: An analysis of top performing Asian education systems’ reformsLee, Shu-ShingHung, DavidTeh, Laik Woon