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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Analyzing CSCL-mediated science argumentation: how different methods matterYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooLee, Yew JinTan, Aik-LingTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Lum, Shawn
1998Comprehension of biological evolution by high school biology teachers in SingaporeLee, Yew Jin
2006Contradictions in theorizing and implementing communities in educationRoth, Wolff-MichaelLee, Yew Jin
2018CORE research programme: Baseline investigation of science pedagogyKwek, DennisLee, Yew JinWong, Hwei Ming
2008Culturing conceptions: From first principlesRoth, Wolff-MichaelLee, Yew JinHwang, Sungwon
Nov-2006Educational research for the faintheartedLee, Yew JinTan, Aik-LingTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeTan, Seng Chee, 1965-
Nov-2009The fidelity of implementation of an innovative science program in a secondary schoolLee, Yew Jin
2016Hands-on and minds-on learning of science using a microbial fuel cellLee, Yew JinSam, Choon KookTan, Timothy
2015Iconic gestures as undervalued representations during science teachingChue, ShienLee, Yew JinTan, Daniel Kim-Chwee
Nov-2009Illuminating mental representations-use of gestures in teaching and assessing understanding of college biologyLim, Yian HoonLee, Yew Jin
2015In a different voice: Promises and trials of non-English medium journalsLee, Yew Jin
2007The individual collective dialectic in the learning organizationLee, Yew JinRoth, Wolff-Michael
2015The intellectual demands of the intended primary science curriculum in Korea and Singapore: An analysis based on revised Bloom’s taxonomyLee, Yew JinKim, MijungYoon, Hye-Gyoung
2012Knowing inquiry as practice and theory: Developing a pedagogical framework with elementary school teachersPoon, Chew LengLee, Yew JinTan, Aik-LingLim, Shirley S. L.
2009Knowledge advancement in environmental science through knowledge buildingYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooLee, Yew Jin
2015Learning activism, acting with phronesisLee, Yew Jin
2012A learning journey in problem-based learning in a physics classroomYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Lee, Yew Jin
Nov-2009Literacy in learning science: A Vygotskian approachLee, Yew JinHwang, SungwonKim, MijungWolff-Michael, Roth
Nov-1998Misconceptions on the biological concept of food: Results of a survey of high school studentsLee, Yew JinDiong, Cheong Hoong
2001Nature of science approach to science teaching and learningLee, Yew JinYeoh, Oon Chye