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2008Adolescents’ perceived decisional balance, task specific efficacy and stages of change in early computer gaming behaviorTan, Ai-Girl; Liau, Albert, 1972-; Teoh, Lee San; Tan, Soo Yin; Chou, Chih-Chin; Yu, Jacqueline Leong
Apr-2005CRPP core research program: Year one progress reportLuke, Allan; Hogan, David; Gopinathan, Saravanan; Freebody, Peter; Cazden, Courtney; Koh, Kim Hong; Liau, Albert, 1972-; Lau, Shun; Kang, Trivina; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese
Apr-2006CRPP core research program: Year two progress reportHogan, David; Luke, Allan; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese; Lau, Shun; Liau, Albert, 1972-; Koh, Kim Hong; Kang, Trivina; Ridzuan Bin Abdul Rahim; Kwek, Dennis
Dec-2005Factors influencing adolescents engagement in risky internet behaviorLiau, Albert, 1972-; Khoo, Angeline; Ang, Peng Hwa
2015Impulsivity, self-regulation, and pathological video gaming among youth: Testing a mediation modelLiau, Albert, 1972-; Neo, Eng Chuan; Gentile, Douglas; Choo, HyeKyung; Sim, Timothy; Li, Dong Dong; Khoo, Angeline
2015Investigating the pedagogical approaches related to changes in attitudes toward statistics in a quantitative methods course for psychology undergraduate studentsLiau, Albert, 1972-; Kiat, John E.; Nie, Youyan
19-Nov-2009An investigation of gaming effects and interventions for young gamers in SingaporeKhoo, Angeline; Choo, HyeKyung; Gentile, Douglas; Liau, Albert, 1972-; Sim, Timothy; Chen, Vivian Hsuen-Hua; Ooi, Yoon Phaik; Fung, Daniel; Lim, Choon Guan; Duh, Been Lirn
2010Pathological video-gaming among Singaporean youthChoo, HyeKyung; Gentile, Douglas; Sim, Timothy; Li, Dong Dong; Khoo, Angeline; Liau, Albert, 1972-
2013Player-avatar identification in video gaming: Concept and measurementLi, Dong Dong; Liau, Albert, 1972-; Khoo, Angeline
Jul-2003Prosocial attitudes of Youth Expedition Project (YEP) participants: A preliminary studyKhoo, Angeline; Lim, Kam Ming; Liau, Albert, 1972-
2007Reliability and validity of a Malay translation of the Fennema-Sherman mathematics attitudes scalesLiau, Albert, 1972-; Mustapa Kassim; Liau, Michael Tet Loke
2013Student teachers’ motivation and perceptions of e-portfolio in the context of problem-based learningChye, Stefanie Yen Leng; Liau, Albert, 1972-; Liu, Woon Chia
2012The teacher efficacy scale: A reliability and validity studyNie, Youyan; Lau, Shun; Liau, Albert, 1972-