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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Beginning teachers’ pedagogical skills and knowledge towards positive pedagogic teacher-student relationshipsChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Chong, Sylvia Nguik YinLim, Kam Ming
2013Beginning teachers’ perceptions of their pedagogical knowledge and skills in teaching: A three year studyChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Lim, Kam MingChong, Sylvia Nguik Yin
Sep-2015Bridging higher education and vocational education and training to create flexible education pathways and to improve students employabilityLim, Kam Ming
Nov-2009Building an evidence-base for initiaul teacher education (ITE) in NIE: A bridging projectLow, Ee LingLim, Kam MingTay, Eng GuanNg, Pak TeeSelim Ben SaidHui, ChenriLam, Audrey
2007Coping behaviours of adolescent students in SingaporeChan, Wei MengLim, Kam Ming
Dec-1999Evaluation of student-designed websites as a mode of assessmentLim, Kam Ming
Apr-2012A four-year longitudinal study of the development of student teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and skills in teachingChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Chong, Sylvia Nguik YinLim, Kam MingGoh, Kim Chuan
Sep-2014Linkage and collaboration between universities and industries in SingaporeLim, Kam Ming
2005Positive social climate for enhancing students' math self-concept: some research findingsLui, Elena Hah WahLim, Kam MingLiu, Woon ChiaToh, Tin Lam
2016Preparing teachers for the 21st centuryLim, Kam MingTay, Eng Guan
Jul-2003Prosocial attitudes of Youth Expedition Project (YEP) participants: A preliminary studyKhoo, AngelineLim, Kam MingLiau, Albert, 1972-
2018Provision of early field experiences for teacher candidates in Singapore and how it can contribute to teacher resilience and retentionNg, Pak TeeLim, Kam MingLow, Ee LingHui, Chenri
2002Reflections on the development of psychology in SingaporeTan, Ai-GirlLim, Kam Ming
2012Relating use of digital technology by pre-service teachers to confidence: A Singapore surveyYeung, Alexander SeeshingLim, Kam MingTay, Eng GuanLam-Chiang, Audrey CheausimHui, Chenri
Dec-1999Roles of the Singapore Psychological Society and its contributions to educationYau, Tow YeeLim, Kam Ming
Sep-2011School administrators’ perceptions of beginning teachers’ professional readiness in their first and third year of serviceWong, Angela F. L.Choy, DorisLim, Kam MingChong, Sylvia Nguik Yin
Sep-2000School-based activities and internet research assignments as modes of assessmentLim, Kam MingHong, Ee-Li
2001Sex education in a knowledge-based societyKhoo, AngelineLim, Kam Ming
Sep-2000Sex education in a knowledge-based societyKhoo, AngelineLim, Kam Ming
Dec-2001Student teachers’ perceptions of the importance of theory and practiceLim, Kam MingTan, Ai-Girl