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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The abyss observatory designing for remote collaboration, self-directed discovery and intuition development in multi-user interactive 3D virtual environmentsNishimura, HajimeLim, Kenneth Yang TeckKoyamada, Koji
Jul-2005Adolescent collaborative discourse through messagingLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
May-2005Adolescent perceptions of space and place in virtual and photographic environmentsLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
Aug-2004Adolescent usage of messaging in gaming and in the fieldLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
Jun-2004Adolescent usage of multimedia messaging in the negotiation, construction, and sharing of meaning about local environmentsLim, Kenneth Yang TeckHedberg, John G.Chatterjea, Kalyani
2012Authenticity in learning for the twenty-first century: Bridging the formal and informalHung, DavidLee, Shu-ShingLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
Sep-2004Collaborative handheld gaming in educationLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2005Collaborative handheld gaming in educationLim, Kenneth Yang TeckWang, Jason Y. Z.
Apr-2015Collaborative problem solving and observation in 3D virtual worlds for secondary school studentsCho, Young HoanLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2013The development of a framework for the effective translation of educational research into sustained practice in SingaporeLim, Kenneth Yang TeckTeh, Laik WoonWu, Longkai
2020Editorial: Beyond observation and interaction: Augmented Reality through the lens of constructivism and constructionismLim, Kenneth Yang TeckHabig, Sebastian
2019Editorial: Maker-centered Science and Mathematics education: Lenses, scales, and contextsWang, Tzu-HuaLim, Kenneth Yang TeckLavonen, JariClark-Wilson, Alison
2015Effectiveness of collaborative learning with 3D virtual worldsCho, Young HoanLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2004Enhancing fieldwork in social studies through remotely conducted structured academic controversiesLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2020Enhancing maths curriculum through team-based learning.Lim, Kenneth Yang TeckLeong, Swee LingWalker, ZacharyChee, ChristopherTham, RachelKee, Norman Kiak Nam,1963-
2015Exploring local micro-climates with an open-source mesh of sensor motesLim, Kenneth Yang TeckChan, CollinLee, Richard
2018Guide to developing digital games for early grade literacy for developing countriesLim, Kenneth Yang TeckComings, JohnLee, RichardYuen, Ming-DeAhmed Hazyl HilmyChua, DerekSong, Bing Heng
2010Implications of placedness for learning in multi-user virtual environmentsLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
Nov-2007In stable orbit: An initial assessment of dispositional changes arising from learning using the citizenship education videogame Space Station LeonisLim, Kenneth Yang TeckChee, Yam San
Nov-2020An introduction to the Socially Responsible Behaviour through Embodied Thinking (SORBET) Project as a response to COVID-19Lim, Kenneth Yang TeckLeong, Swee LingAhmed Hazyl Hilmy