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2008Elementary Malay vernacular schools and school libraries in Singapore under British colonial rule, 1819-1941Lim, Peng Han
2008English schools and school libraries before the Second World War: A Singapore perspectiveLim, Peng Han
Nov-2014The history and development of the Institute of Southeast Asia Studies Library, 1967-2012: Future issues and challengesLim, Peng Han
Jul-2013Identifying and collecting primary sources of information in the archives and libraries in England, New Zealand, United States and Singapore to reconstruct the details of daily lives of the civilian internees at the Changi Prison and Sime Road Camp during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, 1942-1945: Issues and challengesLim, Peng Han
Dec-2011Positioning ASEAN in the globalised world: Organizing the ASEAN Inter-City Football League for ASEAN economic and socio-cultural integrationLim, Peng Han
2009Singapore, an emerging centre of 19th century Malay school book printingLim, Peng Han
Nov-2014A study of the Singapore Sports Council Library in post-colonial and post-war Singapore, 1974-2014: Issues and challenges in the provision of information sources in sport and leisureLim, Peng Han; S. Mohd Aman
Jul-2012The transition and transformation of badminton into a globalized game, 1893-2012: A study of the trials and tribulations of Malaysian badminton players competing for Thomas Cup and Olympic gold medalsLim, Peng Han