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2005Cooperating teachers as school based teacher educators: Student teachers’ expectationsLourdusamy, A.
2002Differences in teacher feedback for HA and LD studentsEe, Jessie; Lourdusamy, A.
Sep-2000Enhancing paradigm shift in teaching through use of eduPAD: A case studyLourdusamy, A.; Wong, Siew Koon Philip; Hu, Chun
2002Essential characteristics of effective teachingMyint, Swe Khine; Lourdusamy, A.
2001Factors related to primary six pupils' achievement goal orientations and their implications for teachingLourdusamy, A.
2001Impact of a hand-held wireless electronic device (eduPAD) on science and mathematics teaching-learning environmentLourdusamy, A.; Hu, Chun; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
2003Influence of peer assessment on the quality of cooperative learning: A pilot studyDivaharan, Shanti ; Lourdusamy, A.
1999The pedagogic evaluation of eduPAD research projectWong, Siew Koon Philip; Coombs, Steven John; Hu, Chun; Hsu, Jackie; Lourdusamy, A.
2001The pedagogical evaluation of the EduPAD projectWong, Siew Koon Philip; Hu, Chun; Lourdusamy, A.; Fareed Wan
Dec-2001Perceived benefits of eduPAD in enhancing learningLourdusamy, A.; Hu, Chun; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
2002School thinking programme and its impact on student creative thinking and academic achievement: a perspectiveLourdusamy, A.; Koh, Boon Leng; Koh, Mary
2004Student teachers’ expectation from cooperating teachers during practicumLourdusamy, A.
2005Students’ epistemological beliefs about science: The impact of school science experiencePeer, Jarina; Lourdusamy, A.
Dec-2001Teacher education in Singapore: What motivates students to choose teaching as a career?Goh, Kim Chuan; Lourdusamy, A.
2002What constitutes effective teaching? The perceptions of trainee teachersKhine, Myint Swee; Lourdusamy, A.