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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Achieving with integrity: Towards mindful educational changeNational Institute of Education (Singapore)
2003An acoustic analysis of Singapore English with special reference to its pedagogical applications (2000-2003)Low, Ee Ling
Nov-2009Building an evidence-base for initiaul teacher education (ITE) in NIE: A bridging projectLow, Ee LingLim, Kam MingTay, Eng GuanNg, Pak TeeSelim Ben SaidHui, ChenriLam, Audrey
2014Building an evidence-base for teacher education: Phase I: Pedagogical characterization of an initial teacher education classroomLow, Ee LingNg, Pak TeeHui, ChenriLin, Jane Huiling
2020Building an evidence-based to support teacher growth: A career-long perspective (Phase I).Low, Ee LingTan, Jocelyn Shi Yah
2014Character and citizenship education: Conversations between personal and societal valuesSim, Jasmine Boon-YeeLow, Ee Ling
2016The contribution of teacher education in Singapore to the development of teacher competencies and IdentityLow, Ee LingNg, Pak TeeLi, Cai
2015A description of the Yunnan English accentAo, RanLow, Ee Ling
2017Developing student teachers’ critical thinking and professional values: A case study of a teacher educator in SingaporeLow, Ee LingHui, ChenriCai, Li
Apr-2013Developing teacher leadership in Singapore: Multiple pathways for differentiated journeysGoodwin, A. LinLow, Ee LingNg, Pak Tee
2016Educating global citizens
2021EIL pronunciation research and practice: Issues, challenges, and future directionsLow, Ee Ling
2020Emergent features of young Singaporean speech: An investigatory study of the labiodental /r/ in Singapore EnglishKwek, Geraldine Su ChingLow, Ee Ling
2018English in Singapore: Striking a new balance for future-readinessLow, Ee LingPakir, Anne
2015Enhancing playful teachers’ perception of the importance of ICT use in the classroom: The role of risk taking as a mediatorGoodwin, A. LinLow, Ee LingNg, Pak TeeYeung, Alexander SeeshingLi, Cai
2020An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in SingaporeLow, Ee LingNg, Pak TeeGoodwin, A. LinLiu, Woon ChiaGoh, Sao-EeYeung, Alexander SeeshingChua-Lim, Yen ChingSarifah Noor Aini Bte Syed MahmoodPandian, S. P. JeyarajadasCai, LiHui, ChenriCheong, Beng Cheong
2018An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in SingaporeLow, Ee Ling
2014From nurturing plants to growing teachers: NIE's history with Professor Lee Sing Kong as DirectorNational Institute of Education (Singapore)
May-2013Group endeavours in service learning in the National Institute of Education: Experiential/service learning in a teacher training programmeLow, Ee Ling
2019How do teacher affective and cognitive self-concepts predict their willingness to teach challenging students?Low, Ee LingNg, Pak TeeHui, ChenriCai, Li