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2010Capturing the dynamics of narrative development in an oral storytelling performance: A multimodal perspectiveLwin, Soe Marlar
2012Developing interactional competence through conversational narrativesLwin, Soe Marlar
2014Effects of parents’ corrective feedback on the pragmatic performance of L1 English-speaking Singaporean childrenNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh; Lwin, Soe Marlar
Jun-2009Identifying transitions from whole-class teaching to small group work in primary classroomsLwin, Soe Marlar; Goh, Christine Chuen Meng ; Doyle, Paul (Paul Grahame)
2020Input, output, interaction and pragmatics: A study of the effects of adult-child interaction on Singaporean children’s acquisition of speech actsNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh; Lwin, Soe Marlar; Zhang, Yu
2011“I’m going to split you all up”: Examining transitions to group/pair work in two primary English classroomsLwin, Soe Marlar; Goh, Christine Chuen Meng ; Doyle, Paul (Paul Grahame)
2011Narrative time and speculative fiction: Reflection of social conditions in temporal implicationsLwin, Soe Marlar
2011Promoting talk: A study of frequency, contextual conditions and variation in transitions between whole-class teaching and group work in primary and secondary classroomsGoh, Christine Chuen Meng ; Lwin, Soe Marlar; Doyle, Paul (Paul Grahame); Bi, Xiaofang
2009Revisiting a structural analysis of folktales: A means to an end?Lwin, Soe Marlar
2012Whose stuff is it?: A museum storyteller's strategies to engage her audienceLwin, Soe Marlar