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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2008Activating capital to gain educational advantages for young childrenKoh, Guat Hua; Mukhlis Abu Bakar
Nov-2007Bilingualism and the literacy of young Singapore childrenMukhlis Abu Bakar
Nov-2008Classroom interactions: When students elicit and informSuryani Atan; Mukhlis Abu Bakar
2008Cultural capital and family involvement in children’s literacy learningMukhlis Abu Bakar
Nov-2005Early home literacy: Some insights into the cultural and linguistic worlds of a Malay childMukhlis Abu Bakar
May-2006Emulating what’s valued: Family practices in literacy learningAzma Abu Basri Abu Basari; Mukhlis Abu Bakar
2009Home and school: Children’s lived experience of literacyMukhlis Abu Bakar; Koh, Guat Hua
Nov-2006The influence of symbolic play on early literacy developmentSajlia Jalil; Mukhlis Abu Bakar
May-2006Learning from each other: The role of siblings in literacy learningSajlia Jalil; Mukhlis Abu Bakar
2015Learning to be biliterate in English and Malay using dual language booksMukhlis Abu Bakar; Pang, Elizabeth
Dec-2004Learning to read and write: A preliminary report on the cultural practices of literacy of Malay familiesMukhlis Abu Bakar
Aug-2009Malay and Chinese children's literacy and home-school relationshipsMukhlis Abu Bakar; Koh, Guat Hua
2011Menekuni pengkajian bahasa, sastera dan budaya demi pelestarian pengajian MelayuMukhlis Abu Bakar; Sa'eda Buang; Kartini Anwar; Kamsiah Abdullah
2008Pengalaman literasi, wacana bilik darjah dan pencapaian akademik: Suatu perspektif sosiobudayaMukhlis Abu Bakar
Sep-2002Strukturalisme, sosiolinguistik dan pasca-modenisme: Meninjau sejarah pemerian bahasaMukhlis Abu Bakar
Dec-2008Transmission of capital through language teaching at homeKoh, Guat Hua; Mukhlis Abu Bakar