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2015Activating teacher critical moments of learning through reflectionNg, Dawn Kit EeChan, Eric Chun MingWidjaja, WantySeto, Cynthia
Jul-2009Applying mathematical knowledge in a design-based interdisciplinary projectNg, Dawn Kit EeStillman, Gloria
2012Assessment of Primary 5 students’ mathematical modelling competenciesChan, Eric Chun MingNg, Dawn Kit EeWidjaja, WantySeto, Cynthia
2015A case study on developing a teacher’s capacity in mathematical modellingChan, Eric Chun MingNg, Dawn Kit EeWidjaja, WantySeto, Cynthia
Aug-2010Collective reasoning and sense making processes during a real-world mathematical projectNg, Dawn Kit Ee
Jul-2007Interdisciplinary learning: Development of mathematical confidence, value, and the interconnectedness of mathematicsNg, Dawn Kit EeStillman, Gloria
2012Mathematical modelling for Singapore primary classrooms: From a teacher’s lensSeto, CynthiaThomas, Mary MagdaleneNg, Dawn Kit EeChan, Eric Chun MingWidjaja, Wanty
2013Mathematical modelling in the primary school: Elements in teacher educationNg, Dawn Kit EeWidjaja, Wanty
2018Metacognition and mathematical problem solving – Teaching and learning at the primary levels [metamaps (primary)]Lee, Ngan HoeNg, Dawn Kit EeSeto, CynthiaLoh, Mei Yoke
Nov-2003Project work: Background and future researchNg, Dawn Kit Ee
Jul-2017Towards a conceptual framework for assessment literacy for mathematicsTan, HazelNg, Dawn Kit EeCheng, Lu Pien
Nov-2003Using geometer’s sketchpad for teaching and learning of geometry: The case of eighty pre-service teachersNg, Dawn Kit EeTeong, Su Kwang