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2010Children’s task performance under stress and non-stress conditions: A test of the processing efficiency theoryNg, Ee LynnLee, Kerry
Nov-2003Conceptual and empirical relationships between working memory and intelligenceNg, Ee Lynn
Aug-2004The contribution of working memory to structural and procedural errors in algebraic problem solvingNg, Swee FongLee, KerryNg, Ee LynnLim, Zee Ying
May-2009The contributions of working memory and executive functioning to problem representation and solution generation in algebraic word problemsLee, KerryNg, Ee LynnNg, Swee Fong
2013Effects of test anxiety on working memory and mathematical performanceNg, Ee Lynn
2015Effects of trait test anxiety and state anxiety on children's working memory task performanceNg, Ee LynnLee, Kerry
2004Predicting mathematical performance with working memory, language, intelligence, and home work measuresLee, KerryNg, Swee FongNg, Ee Lynn
2016Test anxiety and children’s working memory task performance: Does trait or state anxiety matter more?Ng, Ee LynnLee, Kerry
2020“That’s just impossible in my kindergarten.” Advocating for ‘glocal' early childhood curriculum frameworksBautista, AlfredoBull, RebeccaNg, Ee LynnLee, Kerry
2020Work-related stress in pre-school teachers and methods of assessing stress: A literature reviewNg, Ee Lynn
Nov-2003Working memory and mathematical word problem solvingLee, KerryNg, Swee FongNg, Ee Lynn