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2014Acquisition of request modifiers in Vietnamese as a second languageNguyen, Thi Thuy MinhHo, Gia Anh Le
2008Criticizing in an L2: Pragmatic strategies used by Vietnamese EFL learnersNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
2013The effects of explicit meta-pragmatic instruction on EFL learners' performance of constructive criticisms in an academic settingNguyen, Thi Thuy MinhPham, Minh TamCao, Thuy Hong
2014Effects of parents’ corrective feedback on the pragmatic performance of L1 English-speaking Singaporean childrenNguyen, Thi Thuy MinhLwin Soe Marlar
2013An exploratory study of criticism realization strategies used by NS and NNS of New Zealand EnglishNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
2011Learning to communicate in a globalized world: To what extent do school textbooks facilitate the development of intercultural pragmatic competence?Nguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
2010Minds working together: Scaffolding academic writing in a mixed-ability EFL classLe, Van CanhNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
2008Modifying L2 criticisms: How learners do it?Nguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
2012The relative effects of explicit and implicit form-focused instruction on the development of L2 pragmatic competenceNguyen, Thi Thuy MinhPham, Thi HanhPham, Minh Tam
2013Requesting in Vietnamese as a second languageNguyen, Thi Thuy MinhBasturkmen, Helen
2012Teacher learning within the school context: An ecological perspectiveLe, Van CanhNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
2010Teaching constructive critical feedbackNguyen, Thi Thuy MinhBasturkmen, Helen
2017Using conversation tasks and retrospective methodology to investigate L2 pragmatics development: The case of EFL criticism and responses to criticismNguyen, Thi Thuy Minh