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Aug-2005Assessing Singapore students’ attitudes toward mathematics and mathematics learning: Findings from a survey of lower secondary studentsFan, LianghuoQuek, Khiok SengZhu, YanYeo, Shu MeiPereira-Mendoza, LionelLee, Peng Yee
Nov-1998Chinese students’ understanding of likelihoodLi, JunPereira-Mendoza, Lionel
Feb-2008Integrating new assessment strategies into mathematics classrooms: An exploratory study in Singapore primary and secondary schoolsFan, LianghuoQuek, Khiok SengKoay, Phong LeeNg, Juliana Donna Chye HuatPereira-Mendoza, LionelYeo, Shu MeiTan-Foo, Kum FongTeo, Soh WahZhu, Yan
1998Interpreting a graph in a social contextWatson, Jane M.Moritz, Jonathan B.Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel
Nov-2004Interpreting graphs from newspapers: Evidence of going beyond the dataPereira-Mendoza, LionelGoh, Sock LaiBay, Wee Fon
Dec-1999Mathematics learning: Singapore students’ perspectiveKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel
2001Pedagogical research at NIEPereira-Mendoza, Lionel
1998Research on mathematics education: Possible directions for research in Singapore – A personal viewPereira-Mendoza, Lionel
2000Singapore primary school TIMSS data: Data representation, analysis and probability and patterns, relations and functionsKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel
1999Singapore primary school TIMSS data: Geometry and measurement, estimation and number sensePereira-Mendoza, LionelKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-
1999Singapore primary school TIMSS data: Whole numbers, fractions and proportionalityKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel
Nov-1998Some implications of the TIMSS data for primary mathematics teachersPereira-Mendoza, LionelKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Yap, Sook Fwe
1994Statistics is communicationPereira-Mendoza, Lionel
1996Teaching mathematics: Some guidelines for establishing a problem-solvingPereira-Mendoza, Lionel
May-2005Using real events for mathematics performance tasks in primary schoolsPereira-Mendoza, LionelNorazleen OsmanLoo, Lee Fen