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Sep-1999Activity theory as an instructional model: A case study of a computer-mediated support system in interdisciplinary project workHung, David; Manu Kapur; Wong, Angela F. L.; Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi
Dec-1999Assessing the practicum: The NIE experiencePoh, Andrew Sui Hoi; Wong, Angela F. L.
Jun-1997Assessment for higher-order thinking skills and implications: Meeting the challenges of the coming millenniumPoh, Andrew Sui Hoi
1992Assessment: Uses and training needsSoh, Kay Cheng; Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi
Dec-1999The changing assessment scene in SingaporePoh, Andrew Sui Hoi; Gopinathan, Saravanan
Nov-1996Evaluation of school performance and the school effectiveness debateSim, Yoke Hwee; Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi
Sep-1992Investigating the factor structure of a Self-Estimate Aptitude Scale (SEAS) for use in career guidance in Singapore secondary schools: An exploratory cum confirmatory factor analytic studyPoh, Andrew Sui Hoi
Nov-1997Investigating the studying and learning approach of tertiary students in SingaporePoh, Andrew Sui Hoi; Mau, Rosalind Y.; Quek, Khiok Seng; Cheng, Yuan Shan; Ng, Yin Kwee; Yan, Yaw Kai
Nov-1998The learning and studying approach of NIE students: A longitudinal study (1)Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi; Mau, Rosalind Y.; Cheng, Yuan Shan; Yan, Yaw Kai; Quek, Khiok Seng
1985Norming of test with primary one pupilsPoh, Andrew Sui Hoi; Khor, Peter Sinn Yeou; Lam, Peter Tit-Loong; Lui, Elena Hah Wah; Soh, Kay Cheng; Tan, Esther, 1940-; Yip, Katherine; Tan, Wee Kiat
Nov-1996Perceived and demonstrated aptitudes: Same or different?Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi
Nov-2004Study of teachers’ perception in the evaluation process at the upper secondary level focusing on problem-solving skillsCheng, Yoke Wah; Li, Minyi; Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi
1997Training needs in assessment revisitedSoh, Kay Cheng; Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi
Sep-1993The validity of a Self-Estimate Aptitude Scale (SEAS)Poh, Andrew Sui Hoi