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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Anonymizing of video files: A user guideKogut, GalynaKwek, Dennis Beng KiatSilver, Rita
2010CIEPSS handbook of research protocols : volume 1Stinson, MadonnaSilver, RitaSiti Azlinda AmashaPak, SeungheeWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2011Classroom observation procedures and fieldnote template (OER 40/12 RS)Silver, Rita
2006Codeswitching in early primary peer interactionsSilver, Rita
Aug-2015Coding manual: Linguistic hybridity: Linguistic hybridity in Singapore primary school classesSilver, RitaSiti Azlinda Amasha
2004Coding participation patterns and activities: Adaptations from the Singapore Coding schemeSilver, Rita
Feb-2010Coding scheme for "The impact of negotiation for meaning on reading" (SOG) project : classroom observation and codingKogut, GalynaSilver, Rita
2012Comprehending Reading Comprehension (CRC) teacher interview/reflection: Protocols for post observation interviewsSilver, RitaPng, Jessie Lay Hoon
2015Comprehending reading comprehension: An intervention in P4 readingSilver, RitaPng, Jessie Lay HoonKogut, GalynaHuynh, Thi Canh Dien
2017Contested spaces in policy enactment: A Bourdieusian analysis of language policy in SingaporeBokhorst-Heng, W. D. (Wendy Diana)Silver, Rita
13-Aug-2009Corpus analysis in CRPP research projects: the basicsBi, XiaofangSilver, RitaHong, Huaqing
2012CRC annotation manual: Coding for Questioning the Author (QtA) features: QtA queries and discussion moves (OER 09/10 RS)Raslinda Ahmad RasidirFoong, Poh YiSilver, Rita
2016The crucial time factor in sustainable teacher development and assessment of student outcomesSilver, RitaPng, Jessie Lay Hoon
2011Curriculum implementation in early primary schooling in SingaporeSilver, RitaWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Roksana Bibi AbdullahCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao LanSeetha Lakshmi (சீதா லட்சுமி)Yang, YanningYeo, Joseph Kai KowSiti Azlinda AmashaPak, Seunghee
2011Curriculum implementation in early primary schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS)Silver, RitaWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Siti Azlinda AmashaRoksana Bibi AbdullahCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao LanSeetha Lakshmi (சீதா லட்சுமி)Yang, YanningYeo, Joseph Kai KowPak, Seunghee
2010Curriculum Implementation in Early Primary Schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS) : coding scheme manualSilver, RitaPak, SeungheeKogut, Galyna
2005The discourse of linguistic capital: Language and economic policy planning in SingaporeSilver, Rita
2009English acquisition and development in multilingual SingaporeSilver, RitaAlsagoff, LubnaGoh, Christine Chuen Meng
2002English language education in China, Japan, and SingaporeSilver, RitaHu, Guangwei, 1962-Iino, Masakazu
2009Expanding the teaching repertoire: rethinking group work and language learningSilver, RitaKogut, GalynaRaslinda Ahmad RasidirHuynh, Thi Canh Dien