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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2009An anatomy of a mobilized English preposition lesson: Toward personalized learningLooi, Chee-Kit; Wong, Lung Hsiang; So, Hyo-Jeong; Seow, Peter Sen Kee
2015Assessing learners’ perceived readiness for computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL): A study on initial development and validationXiong, Yao; So, Hyo-Jeong; Toh, Yancy
2012Collaborative mobile learning in situ from knowledge building perspectivesSo, Hyo-Jeong; Tan, Esther Bee Kiow; Tay, Jennifer
Jun-2008A comparative discourse analysis of online and offline knowledge building activitiesLossman, Hans; So, Hyo-Jeong
2010Connecting learning spaces using mobile technologyChen, Wenli; Seow, Peter Sen Kee; So, Hyo-Jeong; Toh, Yancy; Looi, Chee-Kit
2009Designing an online video based platform for teacher learning in SingaporeSo, Hyo-Jeong; Lossman, Hans; Lim, Wei Ying; Jacobson, Michael J.
2017Examining the validity of the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework for preservice chemistry teachersDeng, Feng; Chai, Ching Sing; So, Hyo-Jeong; Qian, Yangyi; Chen, Lingling
Jun-2010Extending students’ learning spaces: Technology-supported seamless learningChen, Wenli; Seow, Peter Sen Kee; So, Hyo-Jeong; Toh, Yancy; Looi, Chee-Kit
Aug-2010Fostering collaborative knowledge building culture: Initial experiences in the context of mobile learningSo, Hyo-Jeong; Tan, Esther Bee Kiow; Tay, Jennifer
Jul-2007Improving young learners’ scientific understanding in CSCL environmentsSo, Hyo-Jeong
2017Innovation becoming trajectories: Leveraging lateral and vertical moves for collaborative diffusion of 21st century learning practicesHung, David; Toh, Yancy; Azilawati Jamaludin; So, Hyo-Jeong
2018Interest-driven creator theory: Towards a theory of learning design for Asia in the twenty-first centuryChan, Tak-Wai; Looi, Chee-Kit; Chen, Wenli; Wong, Lung Hsiang; Chang, Ben; Liao, Calvin C. Y.; Cheng, Hercy; Chen, Zhi-Hong; Liu, Chen-Chung; Kong, Siu Cheung; Jeong, Heisawn; Mason, Jon; So, Hyo-Jeong; Murthy, Sahana; Yu, Fu-Yun; Wong, Su Luan; King, Ronnel B.; Gu, Xiaoqing; Wang, Minhong; Wu, Longkai; Huang, Ronghuai; Lam, Rachel; Ogata, Hiroaki
2009Learning about problem based learning: Student teachers integrating technology, pedagogy and content knowledgeSo, Hyo-Jeong; Kim, Bosung
Oct-2008Leveraging knowledge building in seamless learning environmentsSeow, Peter Sen Kee; So, Hyo-Jeong; Looi, Chee-Kit; Wong, Kevin
Jul-2011Location-based collaborative learning at a geography trail: Examining the relationship among task design, facilitation and discourse typesTan, Esther Bee Kiow; So, Hyo-Jeong
Nov-2012Mobile CSCL: Possibilities and challenges arising from the future school experienceSo, Hyo-Jeong; Zhang, Xujuan; Wong, Lung Hsiang
Jul-2012A participatory approach in the design of mobile learning trail and resourcesTan, Esther Bee Kiow; So, Hyo-Jeong
Jun-2010Quiet captures: A tool for capturing the evidence of seamless learning with mobile devicesBoticki, Ivica; So, Hyo-Jeong
Nov-2012Raising meta-cognitive awareness of collaborative knowledge building practicesZhang, Xujuan; So, Hyo-Jeong; Tan, Esther Bee Kiow
2012Real-life mathematics tasks: A Singapore experienceWong, Khoon Yoong; Zhao, Dongsheng; Cheang, Wai Kwong; Teo, Kok Ming; Lee, Peng Yee; Yen, Yeen Peng; Fan, Lianghuo; Teo, Beng Chong; Quek, Khiok Seng; So, Hyo-Jeong