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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1989The 3rd line of research on the teaching of Chinese language: Quantification of classroom-based teacher researchSoh, Kay Cheng
1992The 5M route to bilingualismSoh, Kay Cheng
1997A-level examination results: What can we make out of their correlations?Soh, Kay Cheng
Jun-1991Affective and cognitive aspects of teaching students weak in Chinese language (text in Chinese)Soh, Kay Cheng
1992Assessment: Uses and training needsSoh, Kay Cheng; Poh, Sui Hoi
1989Attitude towards responsibility and teacher locus of control: Further evidence of their validitiesSoh, Kay Cheng
Sep-2002Attitudes towards inclusion of intellectually disabled children in regular schoolsEe, Jessie; Soh, Kay Cheng
2010Bilingual dual-coding and code-switching: Implications for the L1 in L2 learningSoh, Kay Cheng
2012Bilingual testing at the phrase and text levels and its implications for bilingual programmesSoh, Kay Cheng
1991Bilingualism: Pains and pleasuresSoh, Kay Cheng
1984Children who read before sixSoh, Kay Cheng
Mar-1993Class size, teaching method, and what else?Soh, Kay Cheng
Sep-1991Classroom-based research and educational change: The views of teachers and prospective departmental headsSoh, Kay Cheng
Sep-2000Computer-based assessment developed for inorganic and physical chemistryPhang, Chiew Hun; Soh, Kay Cheng
Jul-1994The confusing and controversial B. Ed.Soh, Kay Cheng
1983Continuity and discontinuity between training and school experience: Follow-up studies of former students of the InstituteHo, Wah Kam; Poon, Tsui Yeong; Skuja-Steele, Rita; Ooi, Hui Pin; Teo, Suan Eng; Mah, Hazel; Lim-Quek, Muriel; Chan, Kathleen; Muthu, Wallace; Kirkpatrick, T. A.; Soh, Kay Cheng; Foo, Chee Min
Dec-1999Creativity across-culture: Educators’ perceptions and viewsSoh, Kay Cheng
2015Creativity fostering teacher behaviour around the world: Annotations of studies using the CFTIndexSoh, Kay Cheng
Nov-1998Creativity: What does it mean to teachers? : A cross-cultural comparisonSoh, Kay Cheng
Jun-1991The design of Chinese language examination: A linguistic cultural viewpointSoh, Kay Cheng