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Jun-2007Applying drama in English teachingStinson, Madonna
2010CIEPSS handbook of research protocols : volume 1Stinson, Madonna; Silver, Rita ; Siti Azlinda Amasha; Pak, Seunghee; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2005Drama and oral communicationStinson, Madonna; Freebody, Kelly
Jun-2005Drama and oral language: Impacting oral English language performance with process drama and Normal (Technical) Secondary 4 studentsStinson, Madonna; Freebody, Kelly
Sep-2006Heads up above the water: establishing drama in the Singapore CurriculumStinson, Madonna
Jul-2004Modulating the mosaic: drama and oral languageStinson, Madonna; Freebody, Kelly
Oct-2006Speaking in class: drama, talk and literacyStinson, Madonna
Dec-2007Speaking out: An exploration of process drama and its contribution to oracyStinson, Madonna
Jul-2007Speaking out: An investigation into the impact of process drama on oral language developmentStinson, Madonna
Nov-2006Speaking out: An investigation into the use of drama in the English language classroomStinson, Madonna
2005Speaking out: process drama and its contribution to oracyStinson, Madonna
Dec-2008A study on the implementation of "Strategies for Effective Engagement and Development' (SEED): Pilot and development of large scale grant proposalDixon, Mary; Stinson, Madonna; Silver, Rita ; Green, Nicole; Nie, Youyan ; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Pak, Seunghee; Anand, Mercy Karuniah J.
Mar-2007Talking up drama in Singapore: how drama improved oral English examination resultsStinson, Madonna
Jul-2007Transforming Singapore's drama education sceneStinson, Madonna