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Nov-2004Attitudes towards science of gifted and non-gifted upper primary studentsCaleon, Imelda S. ; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2004Current views of science educators in madrasahs about scienceMuhammad Faizal Othman; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2008Development of an instrument to measure physics teachers’ views on various aspects of physicsOon, Pey Tee; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
2016Diagnostic appraisal of grade 12 students’ understanding of reaction kineticsYan, Yaw Kai ; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
2017Engaging secondary school students in authentic research projects based on environmental science themeGoh, Beverly P. L. (Beverly Pi Lee) ; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan); Tan, Lik Tong 
2017An epidemic response: Framing the Zika virus risk crisis in SingaporeYee, Naomi Yee May; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2004Exploring the inventive mindset of Singapore studentsMuhammad Raufie Shafie; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
2019Exploring thermal effects and behaviors of chemical substances using an infrared cameraWong, Choun Pei; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2003Fostering conceptual understanding in students through the use of physics demonstrationsNing, Hwee Tiang; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2008Fostering creativity among Normal (Technical) students through the invention of a mathematics-based toyNazir Amir; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2004Fostering creativity in science through design and technology: Pencil holder projectNasir Amir; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2004Fostering functional understanding in students through the use of physics demonstrationsNing, Hwee Tiang; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
2020Incorporating nature of science elements in A-level physics lessons in Singapore.Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan); Wong, Choun Pei; Wee, Andrew; Kwek, Leong Chuan ; Sow, Chorng Haur; Chew, Charles; Wong, Darren
 2022Infrared thermal imaging: Applications for physics, chemistry and biology educationWong, Choun Pei; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2003Learning beyond the four walls of the classroom: The potential of Cryogenics-Based Enrichment Programs (CBEP) in science educationCaleon, Imelda S. ; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2003Madrasah science teachers’ perspectives on the nature of science, teaching and learning of scienceMuhammad Faizal Othman; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
2019A study of the coverage of plastics in a national newspaper in SingaporeOng, Qi Ting; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Nov-2008Three-tier diagnostic instrument for investigating alternative conceptionsCaleon, Imelda S. ; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
Dec-1999Word Juxtapoz: An innovative tool for promoting interest in science educationSubramaniam, R. (Ramanathan); Goh, Ngoh Khang; Tan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Chia, Lian Sai