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2020Animated electronic storybook and children's Mother Tongue development: Tracing the process and the outcome with eye-trackingSun, He
2019Animated electronic storybook and Mandarin learning.Sun, He
2020Child, family, and school factors in bilingual preschoolers’ vocabulary development in heritage languagesSun, HeNg, Siew ChinO'Brien, Beth A.Fritzsche, Tom
2018Differential effects of internal and external factors in early bilingual vocabulary learning: The case of SingaporeSun, HeYin, BinNur Farina Begum AmsahO'Brien, Beth A.
2020Entering into the weak version of translanguaging: Teachers’ English use in children’s Tamil language classes in SingaporePoorani VijayakumarSteinkrauss, RasmusSun, He
2016Foreign language learning as a complex dynamic process: A microgenetic case study of a Chinese child's English learning trajectorySun, HeSteinkrauss, RasmusVan Der Steen, SteffieCox, RalfDe Bot, Kees
2018Individual differences in very young Chinese children’s English vocabulary breadth and semantic depth: Internal and external factorsSun, HeSteinkrauss, RasmusWieling, MartijnDe Bot, Kees
2020Instructional strategies and linguistic features of kindergarten teachers’ shared book reading: The case of SingaporeSun, HeToh, WeiminSteinkrauss, Rasmus
2020Investigating Chinese syntactic knowledge of bilingual Singaporean P1 studentsO'Brien, Beth A.Sun, HeYin, BinToh, Weiminvon Hagen, Alexa
2020Mandarin vocabulary growth, teacher qualifications and teacher talk in child heritage language learnersSun, HeVerspoor, Marjolijn
2020Mismatches between teacher beliefs, practices and reasons for English use in preschool Malay language classroomsNurul Taqiah YussofSun, He
2019Motion and sound in animated storybooks for preschoolers’ visual attention and mandarin language learning: An eye-tracking study with bilingual childrenSun, HeLoh, JieyingRoberts, Adam Charles
2020Multimedia input and bilingual children’s language learningSun, HeYin, Bin
2020Quality of preschool teacher's language practices in Singapore: Develop a reliable coding scheme for instructional strategies and linguistic features used in shared book readingSun, HeO'Brien, Beth A.Steinkrauss, RasmusCox, RalfVan Der Steen, Steffie
2020Syntactic resonance in child-caretaker interaction and children’s peer talk.Sun, HeGreen, Clarence
2020Teacher’s code-switching and bilingual children’s heritage language learning and cognitive switching flexibilitySun, HeNurul, YussofPoorani VijayakumarLai, Gabrielle Yi QianO'Brien, Beth A.Ong, Quan He