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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Academically at-risk adolescents in Singapore: The importance of teacher support in promoting academic engagementCaleon, Imelda S.Tan, Jennifer Pei-LingWui, Ma. Glenda L.Chiam, Ching LeenKing, Ronnel B.
Jun-2016Analytics of social processes in learning contexts: A multi-level perspectiveRose, Carolyn P.Gaesevic, DraganDillenbourg, PierreJo, YohanTomar, GauravFerschke, OliverErkens, Gijsbertvan Leeuwen, AnouschkaJanssen, JeroenBrekelmans, MiekeTan, Jennifer Pei-LingKoh, ElizabethCaleon, Imelda S.Jonathan, ChristinYang, Simon
2020Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills (ATC21S) Singapore trials: Collective creativity and collaborative problem-solving competencies among secondary school studentsTan, Jennifer Pei-LingCaleon, Imelda S.Koh, ElizabethAuyong, Sabina
2008Cognitive playfulness, creative capacity and Generation ‘C’ learnersTan, Jennifer Pei-LingMcWilliam, Erica
2018A collaborative video annotation and analytics environment (CoVAA) intervention: User experiences and reflections of teacher-practitionersTan, Jennifer Pei-LingKoh, ElizabethNoriff Elyn Mohamed AriffinTeo, Ee ZiTay, Siu HuaShyam Singh
2020Developing 21CC through band: An exploratory study of the “Four Cs”Tan, Leonard Yuh ChaurDairianathan, EugeneCostes-Onishi, Pamela GraceTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2018Developing 21st century competencies through band: An exploratory study of the “Four Cs”Dairianathan, EugeneCostes-Onishi, Pamela GraceTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2020Developing a framework for assessing students’ construction of scientific explanations in physicsYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooTan, Augustine Tuck LeeTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
Nov-2008Digital or diligent? Web 2.0’s challenge to formal schoolingTan, Jennifer Pei-LingMcWilliam, Erica
2017Educating for twenty-first century competencies and future-ready learners: Research perspectives from SingaporeTan, Jennifer Pei-LingChoo, Suzanne Shen LiKang, TrivinaLiem, Gregory Arief D.
2018Enhancing a techno-pedagogical tool for student teamwork growthAdvani, Varun K.Koh, ElizabethTee, Yi HuanDhivya SureshTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2017Enhancing students’ critical reading fluency, engagement and self-efficacy using self-referenced learning analytics dashboard visualizationsJonathan, ChristinTan, Jennifer Pei-LingKoh, ElizabethCaleon, Imelda S.Tay, Siu Hua
2019Exploring conditions for enhancing critical thinking in networked learning: Findings from a secondary school learning analytics environmentKoh, ElizabethJonathan, ChristinTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2018Formatively assessing teamwork in technology-enabled twenty-first century classrooms: Exploratory findings of a teamwork awareness programme in SingaporeKoh, ElizabethHong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2017Learner dashboards a double-edged sword? Students’ sense-making of a collaborative critical reading and learning analytics environment for fostering 21st-century literaciesTan, Jennifer Pei-LingKoh, ElizabethJonathan, ChristinYang, Simon
Nov-2007Learning from research: Digitalising learning in tertiary settingsTan, Jennifer Pei-LingLee, Kar TinDuncan-Howell, Jennifer
2010Less elusive, more explicit: The challenge of ‘seeing’ creativity in actionMcWilliam, EricaDawson, ShaneTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
2020Measuring and nurturing teamwork competency through a computer-supported creative collaborative problem-solving programme.Koh, ElizabethLee, Shu-ShingCaleon, Imelda S.Hong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-LingTee, Yi HuanDhivya SureshLek, Hsiang Hui
2011Measuring creative potential: Using social network analysis to monitor a learners’ creative capacityDawson, ShaneTan, Jennifer Pei-LingMcWilliam, Erica
2017Nurturing grateful and connected twenty-first century learners: Development and evaluation of a socially oriented gratitude interventionCaleon, Imelda S.King, Ronnel B.Tan, Jennifer Pei-LingLow, MichelleTan, Chee SoonLiem, Gregory Arief D.