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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Achievement motivation for band: A cross-cultural examination of the 2 × 2 achievement goal motivation frameworkMiksza, PeterTan, Leonard Yuh ChaurDye, Christopher
2015Book review. [Review of the book Chances and choices: Exploring the impact of music education, by S. Pitts]Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2010Book review. [Review of the book What’s so important about music education? by J. Scott Goble]Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2008A comparative analysis of Hindemith's and Persichetti's band symphonies from a neoclassical perspectiveTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2017Concept teaching in instrumental music education: A literature reviewTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2016Conceptualizing conceptual teaching: Practical strategies for large instrumental ensemblesTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2015Confucian creatio in situ: Philosophical resource for a theory of creativity in instrumental music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2016Confucius: Philosopher of twenty-first century skillsTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2014Correlational studyTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2018A cross-cultural examination of university students’ motivation toward band and academics in Singapore and the United StatesTan, Leonard Yuh ChaurMiksza, Peter
2017Developing 21st century competencies through the arts: A case study of a high performing secondary school band in SingaporeTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2014EnculturationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2020“Ngeli”: Flowing together in a Gamelan ensembleTan, Leonard Yuh ChaurTjoeng, JeanetteSin, Hui Xing
2017On practice, skill and competition: A pragmatist theory of action for instrumental music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2015Predicting collegiate wind players' practice efficiency, flow, and self-efficacy for self-regulation: An exploratory study of relationships between teachers' instruction and students' practicingMiksza, PeterTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2019A PRISMA review of collective flow experiences in music contextsTay, KennethTan, Leonard Yuh ChaurGoh, Wilson
2020Reading John Dewey’s Art as experience for music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2015Reimer through Confucian lenses: Resonances with classical Chinese aestheticsTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2015Response to Alexandra Kertz-Welzel's 'two souls, alas, reside within my breast': Reflections on German and American music education regarding the internationalization of music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur
2018Response to Chiao-Wei Liu, “Response to Leonard Tan and Mengchen Lu, ‘I Wish to be Wordless’: Philosophizing through the Chinese Guqin”Tan, Leonard Yuh ChaurLu, Mengchen