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Nov-2003Assessing the nature of science views of Singapore pre-service teachersTan, Michael Lip ThyeBoo, Hong Kwen
2004Assessing the nature of science views of Singaporean pre-service science teachersTan, Michael Lip Thye
Jun-2016Connected making: Designing for youth learning in online maker communities in and out of schoolsLitts, Breanne K.Yasmin B. KafaiFields, Deborah A.Halverson, Erica R.Peppler, KylieKeune, AnnaTissenbaum, MikeGrimes, Sara M.Chang, StephanieRegalla, LisaTelhan, OrkanTan, Michael Lip Thye
2020Context matters in science educationTan, Michael Lip Thye
2018Culturally relevant pedagogy: Exploring the use of culture in Singapore’s low progress classroomsLim, Leonel Tze-WeiTan, Michael Lip Thye
Jun-2016Designing learning contexts using student-generated ideasLam, Rachel JaneWong, Lung HsiangGaydos, MatthewHuang, Jun SongSeah, Lay HoonTan, Michael Lip ThyeManu KapurBielaczyc, KaterineSandoval, William
2014Digital storytelling and the nature of knowledgeTan, Michael Lip ThyeLee, Shu-ShingHung, David
Jun-2016Embodied search processes in creative problem solving: How do people learn in makerspaces?Tan, Michael Lip Thye
2020Learning during interesting times: An opportunity for collective reflection?Tan, Michael Lip Thye
2017Makerspaces in Singapore: Design, making and innovationTan, Michael Lip Thye
2018Making, innovation, and science education: Considering two layers of analysis: Fresh ontological lenses provide novel insightsTan, Michael Lip Thye
2020Meritocracy, policy and pedagogy: Culture and the politics of recognition and redistribution in SingaporeLim, Leonel Tze-WeiTan, Michael Lip Thye
Nov-2003Nature of science views of Singaporean pre-service teachersTan, Michael Lip ThyeBoo, Hong Kwen
2017Social influences on student perceptions of failure in learning design processes: Instructional implicationsTan, Michael Lip ThyeLee, Shu-ShingNg, Zhi Ying
May-2005Uses of video in educational researchTan, Michael Lip Thye
2019When makerspaces meet school: Negotiating tensions between instruction and constructionTan, Michael Lip Thye
2018Why STEM? Why now? Educating for Technologies, or Technologies for Education?Tan, Michael Lip Thye