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2019Assessing lower track students’ learning in science inference skills in SingaporeTeo, Tang WeeGoh, Jonathan Wee Pin
2016Children are natural scientists: learning science in early childhood and early primary yearsTeo, Tang WeeYan, Yaw KaiOng, Woei LingGoh, Mei Ting
2015Design study approach to teacher professional development to support the implementation of the revised 2013 lower secondary science curriculumWong, Darren Jon SienLau, Chor YamLim, Daniel Poh YeongTeo, Tang WeeLim, Hwee Ting
2017Editorial on focus issue: Play in early childhood science educationTeo, Tang Wee
2017Enabling classroom change by infusing cogen and coteaching in participatory action researchTeo, Tang WeeMohamed Faizal BadronTan, Aik-Ling
2017Examining Normal Academic/Technical students’ science learning from a sociological and cultural lensTeo, Tang WeeYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooGoh, Jonathan Wee PinYeo, Leck Wee
2020Examining power, knowledge and power relations in a science research apprenticeshipTeo, Tang WeeTan, Yong Leng Kelvin
2014How flip teaching supports undergraduate chemistry laboratory learningTeo, Tang WeeTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeYan, Yaw KaiTeo, Yong ChuaYeo, Leck Wee
2019Identifying types of science practices that are challenging for low progress students in SingaporeTay, Annabel Jie XuanTeo, Tang WeeYeo, Leck Wee
2018Individual differences in very young Chinese children’s English vocabulary breadth and semantic depth: Internal and external factorsTeo, Tang WeeGoh, Jonathan Wee PinKhin, Maung AyeYeo, Leck Wee
2017An investigation of Singapore preschool children’s emerging concepts of floating and sinkingTeo, Tang WeeYan, Yaw KaiOng, Woei Ling
2005Junior college students' alternative conceptions of redox processes in electrochemistryTeo, Tang Wee
2018Rethinking teaching and learning of science inference competencies of lower track students in Singapore: A Rasch investigationTeo, Tang WeeGoh, Jonathan Wee PinAye, Khin MaungYeo, Leck Wee
2014Singaporean preschool children learning science through playGoh, Mei TingOng, Monica Woei LingTeo, Tang WeeYan, Yaw Kai
2021A survey of science teachers’ perception and practices in inclusive science classroomsTeo, Tang Wee
2019The S‑T‑E‑M QuartetTan, Aik-LingTeo, Tang WeeChoy, Ban HengOng, Yann Shiou
2021Theorizing STEM leadership: Agency, identity, and communityUma NatarajanTan, Aik-LingTeo, Tang Wee
2019“We ‘own’ the teachers”: Understanding subcultures of Singapore lower track science classrooms.Teo, Tang WeeTan, Aik-Ling