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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Assessing mathematics learning outcomes through performance based tasksAng, Kok ChengBoo, Hong KwenToh, Kok Aun
2004Assessment of primary students' science concepts and attitudes towards drawingsRiley, Joseph PhilipToh, Kok AunWan, Yoke Kum
Dec-2000Case studies of beginning teachers: Their struggles, knowledge and beliefsHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok Aun
Oct-1993Collaborative research using the small plasma focusLee, SingChen, Lai KeatChia, Teck CheeS. KumarSerban, AdrianSpringham, Stuart VictorToh, Kok AunChew, A. C.Moo, S. P.Wong, C. S.
Sep-2000Comparing performance assessment, classroom practices and students’/teachers’ attitudes in six countriesKhoo, Tse HorngToh, Kok AunBoo, Hong Kwen
2001Cross-country comparison of students' perceptions on learning scienceChellappah, RuthToh, Kok AunBoo, Hong KwenKhoo, Tse Horng
Nov-1997Cues, links and memory stores: A description of how students explain in scienceToh, Kok AunLeong, See Cheng
2002Data-logging in practical scienceWan, Yoke KumToh, Kok Aun
1996Development of science and mathematics curriculum modules for the 21st century: The pedagogical implicationsToh, Kok Aun
Dec-1999Differences in eighth graders’ strategies in performance assessment tasksToh, Kok AunHo, Boon Tiong
Dec-1999Does creativity contribute towards success in performance of open-ended science investigations?Muhammad ShahrinToh, Kok Aun
Sep-1993Enhancing a positive problem-solving environment: The necessary correlatesToh, Kok AunSivakumar Alagumalai
1984Finding out what is understoodToh, Kok Aun
Nov-1998Finding out what students are thinking concerning light and sightToh, Kok AunBoo, Hong KwenWoon, Ta Li
Nov-1996Gender differences in students’ understanding of light and sightToh, Kok AunBoo, Hong KwenWoon, Ta Li
Sep-2000Impact of teachers’ knowledge and beliefs on classroom practicesHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok Aun
Oct-1990In the eyes of the beholder: Beginning teachers' conception of the nature of science and science teachingCheung, Kwok CheungToh, Kok Aun
1982The language experience approach in beginning reading instructionToh, Kok AunChia, Teck Chee
May-2006Parental involvement in neighbourhood secondary schoolLee, Kong WeeToh, Kok Aun
Nov-2003Performance of primary 4 students at performance based assessment tasksAng, Kok ChengBoo, Hong KwenToh, Kok Aun