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2017Evaluating and comparing Singaporean and Taiwanese eighth graders’ conceptions of science assessmentLin, Tzung-JinTan, Aik-LingLee, Min-HsienTsai, Chin-Chung
2012Examining preservice teachers’ perceived knowledge of TPACK and cyberwellness through structural equation modelingChai, Ching SingKoh, Joyce Hwee LingHo, Jessie Hsin NingTsai, Chin-Chung
2011Exploring the factor structure of the constructs of technological, pedagogical, content knowledge (TPACK)Chai, Ching SingKoh, Joyce Hwee LingTsai, Chin-Chung
2015Exploring the profiles and interplays of pre-service and in-service teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in ChinaDong, YanChai, Ching SingSang, Guo-YuanKoh, Joyce Hwee LingTsai, Chin-Chung
2012Learning sciences research in Asia Pacific countries from 1997 to 2010: A content analysis of publications in selected journalsTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chai, Ching SingTsai, Chin-ChungLim, Cher PingChou, Chiou-Hui
2020Relationship among high school students’ science academic hardiness, conceptions of learning science and science learning self-efficacy in SingaporeTan, Aik-LingLiang, Jyh-ChongTsai, Chin-Chung
2013Surveying in-service preschool teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledgeLiang, Jyh-ChongChai, Ching SingKoh, Joyce Hwee LingYang, Ching-JuTsai, Chin-Chung
2020A systematic review of trends and findings in research employing drawing assessment in science educationChang, Hsin-YiLin, Tzung-JinLee, Min-HsienLee, Silvia Wen-YuLin, Tzu-ChiangTan, Aik-LingTsai, Chin-Chung
2012The “third” – order barrier for technology-integration instruction: Implications for teacher educationTsai, Chin-ChungChai, Ching Sing