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2008The affordances of weblogs and discussion forums for learning: A comparative analysisWang, QiyunWoo, Huay Lit
2018Design of an interactive online learning environmentWang, QiyunQuek, Choon Lang
2017Designing and improving a blended synchronous learning environment: An educational design researchWang, QiyunQuek, Choon LangHu, Xiaoyong
2009E-learning in ChinaWang, QiyunZhu, ZhitingChen, LiYan, Hanbing
2016An exploration of three-dimensional integrated assessment for computational thinkingZhong, BaichangWang, QiyunChen, JieLi, Yi
Jun-2008An exploratory study on promoting students’ critical thinking by using weblogsWang, QiyunWoo, Huay Lit
2014Exploring teachers’ perceptions of Wikis for learning classroom casesQuek, Choon LangWang, Qiyun
2009Guiding teachers in the process of ICT integration: Analysis of three conceptual modelsWang, Qiyun
2012Innovation in the educational technology course for pre-service student teachers in East China Normal UniversityYan, HanbingXiao, YuminWang, Qiyun
2017Interactive networks and social knowledge construction behavioral patterns in primary school teachers' online collaborative learning activitiesZhang, SiLiu, QingtangChen, WenliWang, QiyunHuang, Zhifang
2017Investigating the period of switching roles in pair programming in a primary schoolZhong, BaichangWang, QiyunChen, JieLi, Yi
2003A panorama of online education in ChinaZhu, ZhitingGu, XiaoqingWang, Qiyun
2018Students’ perspectives on the design and implementation of a blended synchronous learning environmentWang, QiyunHuang, ChangqinQuek, Choon Lang
Dec-2010Supporting beginning teachers' case–based learning in a technology-mediated learning environmentQuek, Choon LangWang, Qiyun
2015Validation of attitudes and beliefs on classroom control inventory among beginning teachers in Singapore schoolsQuek, Choon LangLiu, CongKang, ShuangjuanWang, QiyunNonis, Darren Anthonio Marino
2017Verifying causal relationships among the presences of the community of inquiry framework in the Chinese contextMa, ZhiqiangWang, JingWang, QiyunKong, LiliWu, YajieYang, Hao