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Aug-2000Characteristics of children's musical inventions using a synthesiserWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2010CIEPSS handbook of research protocols : volume 1Stinson, MadonnaSilver, RitaSiti Azlinda AmashaPak, SeungheeWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2011Curriculum implementation in early primary schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS)Silver, RitaWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Siti Azlinda AmashaRoksana Bibi AbdullahCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao LanSeetha Lakshmi (சீதா லட்சுமி)Yang, YanningYeo, Joseph Kai KowPak, Seunghee
2009A development project for the scoping of the Singapore early years longitudinal studyWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Lim, Audrey Swee EngLim, Sirene May YinNg, Zi JiaPoon, Kenneth K.Tan, Liang SeeYang, Chien Hui
2011Doll tales: Foregrounding children's voices in researchJesuvadian, Mercy, 1974-Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)
Jun-2010Early intervention of Malay preschool teachersSharpe, PamelaWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Lim, Sirene May Yin
2014Ethnicity in research with young children: Invitation/BarrierJesuvadian, Mercy, 1974-Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)
Nov-2005Explorations of artistic practices in Singapore schoolsShu, JolleneWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
Apr-2006Graphic-narrative play: Authoring through multiple textsWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
Mar-1985The role of singing in the development of creativity and language in mildly to moderately retarded children and adolescentsWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2010Singapore Early Years Longitudinal Study (Pilot study findings - 2010)Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)Lim, Audrey Swee EngLim, Sirene May YinTan, Liang SeeYang, Chien HuiPoon, Kenneth K.
Dec-2008A study on the implementation of "Strategies for Effective Engagement and Development' (SEED): Pilot and development of large scale grant proposalDixon, MaryStinson, MadonnaSilver, RitaGreen, Nicole CatherineNie, YouyanWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Pak, SeungheeAnand, Mercy Karuniah J.
2007Young children’s meaning-making through drawing and ‘telling’: Analogies to filmic textual featuresWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
Sep-1995儿童如何通过绘画表达情感Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)