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2020Challenges in material and structure design of zinc anode toward high-performance aqueous zinc-ion batteriesDu, WenchengAng, Edison HuixiangYang, YangZhang, YufeiYe, MinghuiLi, Cheng Chao
2020How did COVID-19 impact the lives and perceived well-being of parents? Using the case of Singapore to investigate the mechanismsYang, YangChua, JalleneKhng, Kiat HuiYu, Yue
2020Interlayer engineering of molybdenum trioxide toward high-capacity and stable sodium ion half/full batteriesWang, BoAng, Edison HuixiangYang, YangZhang, YufeiGeng, HongboYe, MinghuiLi, Cheng Chao
2020Maternal reactions to children’s negative emotions: Relations to children's socio-emotional development among European American and Chinese immigrant childrenYang, YangSong, QingfangDoan, Stacey N.Wang, Qi
2020Post-lithium ion battery era: Recent advances in rechargeable potassium-ion batteriesWang, BoAng, Edison HuixiangYang, YangZhang, YufeiYe, MinghuiLiu, QiLi, Cheng Chao
2020Rational-design of polyaniline cathode using proton doping strategy by graphene oxide for enhanced aqueous zinc-ion batteriesDu, WenchengXiao, JinfeiGeng, HongboYang, YangZhang, YufeiAng, Edison HuixiangYe, MinghuiLi, Cheng Chao
2020Recent advances of transition metal based bifunctional electrocatalysts for rechargeable zinc-air batteriesWei, LichengAng, Edison HuixiangYang, YangQin, YanlinZhang, YufeiYe, MinghuiLiu, QiLi, Cheng Chao