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2014Bilingualism, literacy and reading achievementO'Brien, Beth A.Yin, BinLi, LiZhang, DongboChin, Chern FarZhao, ShouhuiVaish, Viniti, 1964-
Sep-2006Chinese language instruction in Singapore primary school classrooms: A study of pedagogical practicesLiu, YongbingZhao, ShouhuiZhang, Dongbo
2013Home literacy environment and English reading related skills among Malay children in SingaporeLi, LiZhang, DongboChin, Chern FarMohammod Khalid Bin Bari
Aug-2008An investigation of Singaporean Chinese children's oral linguistic competence in Mandarin: a corpus-driven studyChinese Language Research TeamLiu, YongbingZhao, ShouhuiHong, HuaqingGoh, Hock HuanToh, Wendy Hwee BinGan, Joan Sze WinWang, YiminZhang, DongboZhao, ChunshengOng, Sabrina Yar HsiarChan, Fanny Sei WahAppleyard, Pauline
May-2005Pinyin input experiments in early Chinese literacy instruction in China: Implications for Chinese curricular and pedagogic reform in SingaporeZhang, DongboLiu, Yongbing
Apr-2006Teacher questioning in Chinese Language classrooms: A sociocultural approachZhang, DongboLiu, YongbingHong, Huaqing
Apr-2006Teacher's scaffolded assistance and the construction of learning opportunities in task-based English classroomZhang, DongboSilver, Rita
2012The use of ICT in the Chinese classroom: A Singapore perspectiveHuang, MengZhang, DongboZhao, Shouhui