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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2005Acquiring literacy skills in ESL: Singaporean children’s use of reading strategies in learning to read in EnglishZhang, Lawrence JunGu, Peter YongqiHu, Guangwei, 1962-
2005Approaches to learning and reading strategy use of bilingual primary school pupilsRao, ZhenhuiGu, Peter YongqiZhang, Lawrence JunHu, Guangwei, 1962-
2009Chinese senior high school EFL students’ metacognitive awareness and reading-strategy useZhang, Lawrence Jun
Jun-2004Collaborative learning in the initial teacher-education classroom: Investigating the learning trajectory in teacher learningZhang, Lawrence Jun
Apr-2003Constructivist pedagogy for learner development: The effects of teaching strategic readingZhang, Lawrence Jun
Nov-2006The ecology of communicative language teaching: Reflecting on the Singapore experienceZhang, Lawrence Jun
Dec-2002EFL learners’ perceived use of reading strategies and learning outcomes in an input-poor environmentZhang, Lawrence Jun
Nov-2003Eliciting learning strategies from lower primary school students in SingaporeGu, Peter YongqiHu, Guangwei, 1962-Zhang, Lawrence Jun
Jul-2009English language learning strategies in Singapore primary schoolHu, Guangwei, 1962-Gu, Peter YongqiZhang, Lawrence JunBai, Rui
16-May-2012Enhancing Singaporean students’ efficacy, engagement, and self–regulation for more effective bilingual/biliteracy learningZhang, Lawrence JunZhang, DonglanZeng, YanjunGong, WengaoTay, May Yin
2001ESL students' classroom anxietyZhang, Lawrence Jun
May-2004Interpreting continuity and change in secondary school English language teacher education in SingaporeZhang, Lawrence Jun
2005Knowledge, beliefs and syllabus implementation: A study of English language teachers in SingaporeGoh, Christine Chuen MengZhang, Lawrence JunNg, Chiew HongKoh, Guat Hua
2008Making a case for skills/strategies-based instruction for L2 listening developmentZhang, Lawrence Jun
Nov-1996Metacognition in L2 reading literacy acquisition: The case of ten Chinese tertiary students learning to read EFLZhang, Lawrence Jun
1999Metacognition, cognition and L2 reading : a study of Chinese university EFL readers' metacognitive knowledge and strategy deploymentZhang, Lawrence Jun
2010Metalinguistic filters within the bilingual language faculty: A study of young English-Chinese bilingualsOng, Kenneth Keng WeeZhang, Lawrence Jun
Oct-2002Methods, findings, and instructional issues in strategy research in SLA: Two decades of studies on Chinese EFL learnersZhang, Lawrence JunSkuja-Steele, Rita
2001My inner voice is telling me: Students' inner voice as metacognition about language learningZhang, Lawrence Jun
2010Negotiating language, literacy and identity: A sociocultural perspective on children’s learning strategies in a multilingual ESL classroom in SingaporeZhang, Lawrence Jun