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2002Asking converse questions and looking for extensions to Gauss's method for summing arithmetic progressionsTay, Eng GuanZhao, Dongsheng
2012Assessing mathematical competencies using disciplinary tasksCheang, Wai KwongTeo, Kok MingZhao, Dongsheng
2018Directed complete poset models of T1 spacesZhao, DongshengXi, Xiaoyong
2020Existence of well-filterications of T0 topological spacesWu, GuohuaXi, XiaoyongXu, XiaoquanZhao, Dongsheng
2007Gauges of Baire class one functionsTang, Wee KeeZulijanto AtokZhao, Dongsheng
2009Lattices of Scott-closed setsHo, Weng KinZhao, Dongsheng
2001Learning mathematics through exploration and connectionZhao, DongshengAng, Keng ChengCheang, GeraldPhang, Rosalind Lay PingTang, Wee Kee
2017Maximal point spaces of dcpos satisfying the Lawson conditionXi, XiaoyongZhao, Dongsheng
2020On topological Rudin's Lemma, well-filtered spaces and sober spacesXu, XiaoquanZhao, Dongsheng
2018On topological spaces that have a bounded complete DCPO modelZhao, DongshengXi, Xiaoyong
Sep-2000An on-line integration of undergraduate course notesZhao, DongshengAng, Keng ChengCheang, GeraldPhang, Rosalind Lay PingTang, Wee Kee
Dec-1999Problem-posing in teaching university algebraZhao, DongshengLee, Peng Yee
1999Promote active learning in mathematicsZhao, Dongsheng
Jul-2017Reading mathematics: A holistic curriculum approachHo, Weng KinTeo, Kok MingZhao, DongshengYap, Romina Ann SoonTay, Eng GuanToh, Pee ChoonToh, Tin LamCheang, Wai KwongZhu, YingDong, F. M., 1962-Shutler, PaulQuek, Khiok Seng
2012Real-life mathematics tasks: A Singapore experienceWong, Khoon YoongZhao, DongshengCheang, Wai KwongTeo, Kok MingLee, Peng YeeYen, Yeen PengFan, LianghuoTeo, Beng ChongQuek, Khiok SengSo, Hyo-Jeong
2014Reflexive index of a family of setsZhao, Dongsheng
2011Some principles and guidelines for designing mathematical disciplinary tasks for Singapore schoolsZhao, DongshengCheang, Wai KwongTeo, Kok MingLee, Peng Yee
2-Jun-2011What can we do without using similarity and congruency?Zhao, Dongsheng
2010When exactly is Scott sober?Ho, Weng KinZhao, Dongsheng
2001δ-primary ideals of commutative ringsZhao, Dongsheng